3 Ways Your Website Can Generate More Income for Your Business

By Simon Langham

Published: May 23, 2022

Your website is a lean, mean, lead-generating machine. Well, it can be if you use it to its full potential by attracting more visitors, and converting them to customers when they get there. 

What follows are three ways that your website can generate more business income for you, with minimal effort on your part. Sound good? Let’s dive in.

Increased Visibility

Investing in your business website is always a worthwhile endeavour.

What do we mean by this?

We mean SEO and quality content. SEO is a route of signposting your business’s services, and is achieved through content, links and keywords. Great SEO improves your chances of bringing in more prospective customers and increases sales opportunities. 

When your website’s SEO is on point, and your content answers your visitors’ questions, your website will enjoy more clicks, and ultimately, conversions to happy customers. Help your customers to find your business online by delivering the solutions to their problems and concerns. Let your prospective customers find your business with ease, and don’t make it a challenge for them. Think Zen-like, and promote positive experiences with your brand.

Your website communicates your brand proposition and values to your audience, showcases your business’s personality, and gets your business name out into the digital space.

Unumbox Tip: optimise your website for search by researching the most relevant keywords for your industry, and include them in your tags, titles, and digital content.

Value and Trust

A quality business website that works hard to demonstrate authority in the industry, packed full of customer testimonials and social proof reinforces trust in customers. When customers trust your business, they see the value in your offerings and are more likely to recommend you to others. They are also much more likely to come back time and time again, and become loyal brand advocates.

Your website is the perfect place to shout about your business’s history and expertise. Your website visitors are looking for reasons to trust your business, so make sure you deliver them.

Unumbox Tip: regularly check your website for broken links and outdated information to deliver the best experience possible to your website visitors. 

Upsell to Existing Customers

Use your website as a tool to display your business’s services in a way that’s easy for your website visitors to understand. You can utilise your website effectively for existing customers by keeping your website content fresh and relevant. Doing so will work to attract your existing customers to potential new services, or services they’ve yet to explore that your business offers. 

Make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re looking for on your website. Streamline your digital content down to the essentials – you’ll find that your website bounce rates reduce, and your enquiries and sales go up.

Unumbox Tip: encourage existing customers to frequent your website and keep in touch with regular newsletters and email campaigns.

Key Takeaways

Generating more income for your business means attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and encouraging existing customers to sign up for new services and products. All of these goals can easily be achieved with your business’s website.

Your website offers you an always-on sales channel

We believe in simplifying your business’s day to day. After all, life is complicated enough.

Why not book a demo today to see how simple it can be to manage your business operations?