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3.1 Simple, Code-Free Ways to Optimise your Website

by Becky Cable ON Sep 10, 2019

1. Renew Your Domain Authority 

Get in touch with your Domain Name Registrar, and ask them to renew your primary Domain for the longest possible period of time.

It may not be up for renewal, but that's fine. You can ask them to put a note on your account to do that at the renewal time.

Renewing your Domain for say, 10 years, is putting out a clear message to search engines that your website is sticking around for the foreseeable; putting confidence in your brand. All this helps with trust and authority.

Doing this step only takes a short amount of time, a short amount of cost, and could see really good results for your website.

Moving on!

2. Write Testimonials

With tip number two, we are looking to improve your link backs.

Now, link backs are links from other websites to your website, and you'll want high quality link backs from good domain authority domains, generally in your field of expertise to link the kind of keywords together.

Your suppliers should naturally fit within that, and also you have a good relationship with them. So it won't be difficult to convince them to put a link back.

So, you write them a testimonial or a review of the service they provide, saying, "Hey, they're really great." "They've really helped us out." You can put your keywords in there if you want to, and explain how that company has helped you as a supplier, maybe three paragraphs. They can put that into a case study. Make sure one of those paragraphs can be extracted and put alongside your picture or your company with a link. And within that paragraph, also look to see if you can get a one word phrase, which they can then use throughout their website, and also in the footer and all sorts of other places if they wanted to, something like "small enough to care "but large enough to cope," or "We would highly recommend the services of x company."

So create the testimonials for your suppliers. Send them in an email and be honest and upfront and say, "It would be really great "if you could put this on your website "with a link back to ours."

So that's a really quick and easy way of getting link backs without touching your website (it's also free).

3. Update your Contact Information

This one requires you to go into your website, and what we're going to do is put your contact information, mainly your address, but also your phone number, in the footer of every page (and the header if you can).

You need to be location specific. Sooooo many businesses miss out the country they operate from or service within their address, and that's a really good place to say, "Look, we are a UK company targeting other UK companies", or "We're an American company "and we're targeting other American companies."

So make sure the address at the foot of every page of your website has the country you're operating in and targeting. You can also put that in the copyright in the legal lines of your website. So that means that every page on your website will have a country within it, which will help your location search results. And phone numbers are also really important, particularly if you work from a location.

So if you're in retail, at the beginning of the phone number you'll have your country code for starters, but you'll also have your area code. 08 numbers or free phone numbers, premium rate numbers are usually national. These won't help in the same way. Not to say don't use them, but if you can, make sure you use the localised number with a localised area code. That that will help you with the location search, both in the phone number and the address, as it says where you operate and where you're targeting.

So those are the three really easy things, but what is that .1? What could possibly not be a full point in itself and require it to only be .1?

But it's something you really need to do.

As a marketing manager or a marketing assistant, you need to make sure you have on your books a website developer that fully understands the code behind a website. We're not talking design here. We're not talking about fancy images and animations. We're talking about someone that understands front end code and best practices, speed optimisation, accessibility and performance, all of the stuff that's required to give your website the best performance.

There are things you're just not going to be able to do to get your website to the top and outperform your competitors by using free platforms and templated systems.

You need to be in touch with a developer who's going to help you through that, put you on a professional platform that will grow with customised scripts using the most up-to-date frameworks that promote all of the best practices.

So you can win at technical SEO.

And of course, we are one of those agencies. That's why we created this video! Contact us, and talk to us why AMP is great, why we use the MODX content management system, why we focus so much on creating bloat-free, highly efficient code to get the best technical performances.

And also check out the Lighthouse optimisation testing tool by Google. Just head over to Google and type Lighthouse Report, run that web developer's website through that report. So you'll see their experience and their understanding of development from a technical perspective, not how it looks.

Having said that, we create good looking websites, of course, and that is kind of important. But you'll have your branding and design people within your organisation anyway. You want a development agency, a developer, or somebody that understands the code that can take your designs and turning it into a fantastic, well-optimised website, and you can test them out using the Lighthouse score there.

To re-cap...

So there you have it.

3.1 things you can do to optimise your website for the best results. You don't have to touch a line of code.

Just to re-cap, 1. Extend the renewal date of your domain name for as long as possible. 2. Contact all of your suppliers with a testimonial and ask them to put it on their website with a link back to yours. 3. Change the contact information at the header and the footer of every page of the website, so it has your country and your area code within the phone number or the address.

And .1, Get in touch with a developer that knows what they're doing.

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