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5. UNIQUE - Because that's what your business is!

by Simon Langham ON Sep 16, 2018

We are able to create great websites because we treat every project with the individuality they deserve.

At Unumbox, all our websites are built from the code up without templates.

A templated website can add limitations or extend projects when trying to manipulate the layout to meet your individual needs.

It's also important to understand that a templated website often has layers of code that are not always utilised to enable the flexibility in adding unique content.

We take the time to understand the content on your website so we can create efficient code.

The secret to building a truly unique website is in the process of design...

Taking time to understand you and your business

Every project starts with a kickoff meeting where we take the time to understand you and your business.

This is not a tick box exercise and will often involve some coffees while we ask you the right questions about your business.

Asking the right questions is the key here. We really need to understand why you do what you before we can really understand how and what you do.

We also take the time to understand your target market so we can create a user experience that attracts and converts the right clients.

Once we have understood the uniqueness of your business and what you offer we discuss the process of the build and book you in for the next meeting.

Building the design concept

Free from templates, we're able to craft design concepts and wireframes to review your design and visitor journey before we start writing a single line of code. It's at this stage that we can arrange and plan the content that will really show

It's at this stage that we can arrange and plan the content that will really show off what it is that you do or offer.

A wireframe is a document that demonstrates the layout of a website in a quick and simple graphical user interface. Wireframes are easier to manipulate and amend to meet the requirements of the business.

If the content is provided beforehand we can add this into the wireframe design to give you a better understanding of how your website will look.

Developing your website

This is where we start coding your unique website from the design concepts that have been approved.

As we're not using templates, we can build your website using only the code required. This reduces the amount of bloated code used in many sites. The result is a faster loading unique website.

Launching your website

This is the fun bit! And just as important to make your website unique.

We have a final meeting to review the website and content making any amendments required before launch.

When everyone is happy, we launch your new and unique website!

Once live we show you how to log in and edit the website yourself although we do have plans that take care of that process for you.

And there we have it... A UNIQUE WEBSITE!

Would you like help creating a unique website?

Would you like help with your website in identifying areas for improvement? Why not arrange a detailed report and presentation on your website? Contact theteam@unumbox.com today to discuss your website and see where we can make improvements specific to your business needs.