Becky Cable

Do-er of all the things except that code stuff

Becky is the antithesis of these three tech dudes. She is an avid reader, and adores writing (much to Simon’s amazement). Don’t ask her anything technical.

One of her favourite things is spelling, and takes great pleasure in correcting the other guys on a daily basis. Becky needs approximately three cups of coffee before her brain functions in the morning, and is likely to send at least two emails narrating nonsense before this happens.

Communicating closely with all our clients, Becky forms and maintains great working relationships. She is your point of contact during the entirety of your project, keeping you up to speed with developments as they happen, making sure we are all on the same page. One of her key roles is project managing tasks to ensure we are working to schedule and delivering quality websites.

What Becky does at Unumbox:

  • Project managing
  • Marketing
  • Liaising with clients
  • Writes articles and blogs
  • Creates proposals
  • Everything admin-related
  • Sorts out handfuls of receipts

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