It's not all about ranking #1 on Google

Aiming to rank #1 on Google for a specific term, or even, a handful of terms, is a waste of yours and everyone’s time. We will show you where it's at

Level up to AMP

Examples of super fast AMP designed websites, and how you can make AMP work for your business, with no sacrifice to style

Why use accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?

There are many benefits to using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your next website. AMP is a method of creating very efficient, fast loading HTML which is proven to increase traffic and session duration.

Why is Voice Technology Important?

By the end of 2022 voice commerce will be worth £5 billion for the United Kingdom. Join us to see how businesses will prepare for the up-and-coming paradigm of a friction-less technological world, à la Star Trek.

How to increase website conversion rates

You have many visitors to your website but they do not convert to leads or clients. Learn how to increase your websites conversion rate with 3 simple and actionable steps.

Why Unumbox - Our Key Values

We believe your website should be the best version of your business.

1. FAST - We build fast websites

A fast loading website is proven to convert more prospects. You will be amazed at the difference as little as 100ms will make.

2. GLOBAL - We're a global thinking business

The internet has no borders, so why does your business? We have a global team ready to help you build global websites.

3. ACCESSIBLE - Our websites are code compliant

Having a code compliant website means your website is accessible on more devices and to more visitors. We follow W3C guidelines to improve accessibility.

4. OPTIMISED - improving conversion rates.

Serving relevant information quickly is the best way to make a lasting impression and get noticed.

5. UNIQUE - Because that's what your business is!

Your business is not built on a template and neither should your website. We build websites to your unique requirements.

How long does it take to build a website?

Find out in this article how long it takes to design and develop a website. We look at four popular types of website and how long they take to design and develop including referral, brochure, e-commerce websites and web applications.

Mobile First vs Mobile Responsive

The buzz word in website design was mobile responsive but a new word has entered the scene... Mobile First. In this article we look at what Mobile First is and how it's different to Mobile Responsive.

Your Partner For A Positive Future

Our expertise in Agile Website Engineering and Voice App Development helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to harness the limitless opportunities of the online world.

Best Homepage Video Design - Ultimate Guide

Grow visitors & increase conversion on your website with video. This ultimate guide to the best homepage design includes a how-to guide & infographic.

Moving websites from WordPress to MODx

This article offers an insight into how we move websites from WordPress to MODx. The process we use ensures websites are faster and more efficient.

What does Dopamine have to do with websites?

Dopamine is a chemical that affects our brain, playing a major role in role-motivated behaviour. Harness the power of dopamine in your website design.

What is an SSL certificate?

You will be hearing a lot more about SSL Certificates this year for two key reasons. Read this to find out what they are and what an SSL certificate is.

Unumbox – The meaning behind the name

We get a lot of comments and questions about our name which really deserve a blog post to clarify what and where the name Unumbox came from.

Above or Below the Fold Meaning for Websites

What is the meaning of above or below the fold on website reports? Read to discover the meaning and the origin.