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16 Sep, 2018

Why we didn't have a portfolio in the past.

If in the past 2 years you have been on our website looking for a portfolio, you would have been disappointed.

We had a very good reason for this, or at least we thought we did. You see, we're website developers which means most of our work happens in the background within the code.

Because of this, we're able to create pretty much any type of website design you would like; limited only by the coding languages we use.

The truth is, we went against our own advice that we would give our clients. So, we had to answer a simple question in the way we would ask our clients...

How do we highlight the variety of work we do without pigeonholing ourselves to one design style?

To answer this, we have started a series of blog articles that will each provide a different perspective of our work. As we build our portfolio up you will be able to navigate to the articles that most important to your project.

To get us started, we have selected three projects that demonstrate the wide variety of projects we cover...

Working with you to grow your business online.

Large brochure websites.

Large Brochure Website Image
High Performance

One of the largest websites we manage is for Anders DX, a UK supplier of custom display and electronic systems based in London.

Having worked with Anders DX for over a year we have worked closely with their marketing department to develop a website that is fast loading, code compliant and has great domain authority.

The Anders DX website generates most traffic from organic search results with a targeted strategy to rank highly for key search terms. The anders DX website continues to outperform its competitors and commands great authority with search engines.

With regular review meetings, we're able to monitor the performance of their website and ensure the website is performing at its best.

Despite having over 300 pages, this website has a very fast loading speed typically under 2 seconds. All pages are code compliant for accessibility and regularly scores very highly on website performance reports.

You can have a look at our work by visiting their website at

Websites for local businesses.

Large Local Brochure Website

ISE Fire came to us looking for a new website to perform better in search results. The task was to create a genuine website that highlights ISE Fire as a local and reputable brand.

This was achieved by having a professional photographer take genuine images of their staff and services, so we did not have to rely on stock images. The website has an authentic and personable feel that helps convert visitors over its competitors that rely on stock imaginary.

The website instantly reassures visitors that they have landed in the right place and has easy navigation to the many services and products that ISE Fire provide. There is a strong call to action that helps to increase conversion rates.

The ISE Fire website also has fast loading times and is fully code compliant. This results in the website having great domain authority ranking it highly among its competitors in search results.

You can visit the ISE Fire website at

Our creative side.

Devon Mayson Creative Website

We're often involved in many commercial websites but on occasions we get to visit our more creative side for artists like Devon Mayson. This website is a great example of a smaller website.

Devon is a professional singer that performs regularly around the UK and Europe. Devon came to us with some great images she had taken at a recent photo shoot which we used in the website. She also had a designer create a great logo with a butterfly we wanted to animate, which you can see in the top left of the display.

To ensure the website loaded fast but remains high quality, we coded the opening slideshow in CSS with effects allowing us to reduce the size of the images with little impact on the visual quality.

You can visit Devon Mayson's website at

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