Our first Pre-Built Website was launched today

05 Oct, 2017

Great websites online within an hour

We have been working on something incredible recently!

A way of getting your business online sooner with a professional website saving you both time and money!

Many of you will have felt frustrated by the time and cost that's involved in getting a website launched. Many turn to the likes of Wix and Weebly to reduce cost without appreciating that these systems are not great for search engine optimisation. Let alone the time it takes to put something together yourself. You put all that effort in and get little back in return.

What if it was a lot more simple than that? What if you could have a website live in just one hour for a setup price of £75 +VAT and 6 monthly payments of £80 +VAT. The ongoing hosting charge after that is only £5 +VAT per month. You could save more money by paying for your website upfront!

A pre-built website

Websites coming soon

We kicked of with our first pre-built website designed for the painting and decorating industry which you can see here. This website has 5+ pages with over 1200 words of copy and a selection of licensed stock images ready to go live. All we need to do is add your logo and contact details in the site.

We have more to follow with a Plumber and Electrician website to be made available very soon. A coffee shop and Chinese restaurant website is also in production.

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Why not custom websites?

You're probably wondering why we would offer pre-built websites when we already create awesome custom websites from only £1200 +VAT.

We're always seeking new ways to get businesses online with professional websites that loads fast and rank well on search engines such as Google. While our custom websites are great value, many are still skeptical at advertising with a website. Our pre-built websites offers a great way of getting online to see the benefits of having an expert, well coded website.

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Well coded pre-built website

What's included.

All our Pre-Built Websites are developed to near technical perfection. This enables your website to rank above your competitors on search engines and convert more leads.

Our websites are all...

  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO)
  • Social Media Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • HTML5 Code Compliant
  • Secure with a FREE SSL Certificate

Build it further.

Our Pre-Built Websites are on a super easy content management system called MODx.

This means you can add and edit the content of your website, add new pages and write new blogs.

You're also not limited to the content we create. There are also options to get a professional photographer or copywriter to add and edit more content specific to your business.

You can request a demonstration by calling... 01536 218 710.

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