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A Case Study with BTT Comms

An Introduction to our partnership with BTT Comms.

BTT is a well-established technology company based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, working hard a keeping businesses connected.

Having worked in the communications industry for nearly 25 years, their knowledge base is vast, and experience is invaluable to those in all manner of fields from Healthcare, to IT, Schools and Hotels, and they have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in the way that different organisations operate.

From phone lines to security, mobiles and broadband, whatever your requirements - BTT will be able to ensure that you have the right system that supports and nurtures your business.

You can visit their website at bttcomms.com.

Services We Provide to BTT Comms



Conversion Rate

Hosting &

The Project Brief.

Marketing Manager Heather from BTT Comms got in touch with us to provide suggestions for optimising bttcomms.com, with a view to improving conversion rates.

This project was a re-develop, not a redesign. All the content was in the same design and style as the current website, as there was nothing wrong with the design, just the function of the website.

The latest optimisation from an outside agency has not provided the optimisation results they were seeking.

At Unumbox, we provide this service as part of our overall optimisation services which meet the following objectives…

  • Increase search visibility for relevant search queries
  • Improve conversion rates of quality leads
  • Position BTT as a reputable market leader
  • Lower bounce rates with a clear visitor journey
  • Integrate with social media to improve conversion rates
  • Improve domain authority

Testimonial From Heather - Marketing Manager -BTT Comms.

"We wanted a website agency to work in partnership with us to achieve our goals as an extension to our marketing team. We were very clear that we wanted this to be a long-term partnership built on good communication, good organisation skills, detailed reporting, the ability to react to short term needs, as well as be proactive to achieve our overall goals and help to advise us along the way.

We have not had the best experience with website agencies, and we were in the midst of a horrible experience with another agency when we approached Unumbox to see if they could help us.

We liked Unumbox’s approach; it was unique to other to most agencies but it made sense, as they put the focus on user experience and conversion. They put in place targets and measure everything accordingly.

We are around 9 months in to working with Unumbox, and every month we are tweaking the website for the better and an improvement can be seen already. Our (organic) website traffic is up by roughly 20%, with more people staying on the site and converting to us via website leads or even calling us directly.

Due to the approach of the previous website agency, there were a few things that Unumbox had to correct, and get the site to a good level as well as minimising some of the “damage” they had done to our website’s authority.

What we like about Simon, Becky and the team is their consistent communication and actively working towards a better website that converts. We also value how they ask for our feedback to ensure that we are happy with everything; such as reports, so that they can tailor them to our needs rather that being a generic report that is rolled out to everyone.

It is very clear that they want to enhance our partnership and actively support and help BTT achieve our goals.

We are aware that all websites shouldn’t be set up and left alone, they should be ongoing because users’ behaviour and the way they experience websites constantly changes, so we must always adapt to it. Unumbox help us identify future trends such as AMP stories, and ensure that we are set up to accommodate accordingly.

With Unumbox, we plan ahead to focus on future opportunities. We are on the same page for the vision of the website and how we are going to roll it out over the next 6+ months."

The Solution.

Increased Organic Search Traffic

The two most important changes that impacted the performance of this website were:

1.Mobile First Ranking
2.Voice Search

As voice technology improves and more people use voice services to surf the web, it was vital that the website performed well in this arena.

The three most important ranking factors are speed, security and reliable answers.

To ensure the website had the best opportunity at ranking highly, we re-developed it using the AMP structure - providing some of the fastest loading websites on the net. (Google loves fast!)

Improved Conversion Rates

To do this, we created Visitor Avatars to clearly identify BTT's target audience.

A Visitor Journey Map was also created to influence the structure of the website.

By really drilling down on the target audience, we were able to create content to focus on this audience, creating much more opportunity for conversions.

By using popular search terms to target Featured Snippets (Position #0 of Google SERPS), BTT are now enjoying several Featured Snippets, highlighting the website dramatically and appearing in more search results.

Top Lighthouse Scores

Across the board - we aim to achieve the highest possible website score on Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

We made sure the website was as fast as possible, as accessible as possible by using clear content, and by removing all unnecessary elements, amongst other tasks.

You can find out more about Lighthouse Scores just here - https://unumbox.com/how-do-you-get-that-perfect-lighthouse-performance-score/.

Detailed Monthly Reporting & Meetings

Every month a detailed report is provided to BTT Comms, looking at topics to improve the website even more, such as popular search terms that particular month, monitoring keywords, and working as part of the BTT team as partnership to further optimise the site.

Continuous observation of page layouts and suggested improvements has ensured BTT has gone from strength to strength in terms of visitor numbers, conversions, and lowered bounce rates.

We use our monthly meetings as a great opportunity to work together as a partnership to bounce ideas for the improvement of the website.

Secure and Reliable Hosting & Management

This monthly pro-active package covers checks to ensure the website is performing at its optimum potential.

The dedicated Hosting is perfect for this website build project, providing super security and all the latest updates for absolute peace of mind.

Thinking about a new working partnership?

If this case study has got you thinking that your business website is in need of an upgrade, get in touch with us, we can help.

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