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´╗┐Inspiring new generations through opportunity

We pride ourselves on encouraging new people into the industry, through Internship Programmes, Apprenticeship Schemes, Work Experience and Training.

Limitless Growth Potential

At Unumbox, we believe in the power of growth. In doing so, we embrace diverse backgrounds and skills and aim to cultivate our geeks to pursue their passions. We're committed to providing as much opportunity as we can and we do this through...

  • Internship Programmes

Passion, knowledge and skills, simply waiting to be unleashed. Our interns are always itching to kick-start their careers, and we think what better place to do so, than with a fabulous team of geeks at Unumbox?

  • Apprenticeship Schemes

We're currently teaming up with Milton Keynes University to establish a successful apprenticeship scheme, to give Undergraduates a prime opportunity to enhance their skills and experience within the digital sector.

  • Work Experience

We believe in the power of opportunity and potential. It's important to allow talented individuals the chance to flourish their skillset and thrive in a comfortable environment. We're excited to be taking on an additional six employees at Unumbox, as part of our involvement in the Government Kickstart Scheme. Watch this space, incoming more geeks!

  • Training

We don't just hire. We invest. We like to see longevity as part of building an on-going, elite team within Unumbox. That's why we don't hold back in investing in the time and resources, to push you further beyond your limits and help you grow with us as a company. We work closely with each of our geeks to better understand where their skills lie and how we can nurture these moving forward, through coaching and training programmes.

Work alongside great people

Being a Digital-First company, our team work entirely remotely. Despite an international spread of geeks, through the investment of successful technology, we are all inter-connected seamlessly. We believe in the power of communication, so whether it be project planning, a virtual coffee break or a work social via zoom, working for Unumbox is a great place to work, professionally and socially.

Extending knowledge daily

Collaboration is key to producing the finest results for all our clients. Enhancing our geeks' skills further daily is everyday is important, and what better way to this, than to learn from each other? Our results are driven from great teamwork and consistent learning.

As our team continues to grow, we're always at the ready for...

LAMP Stack Developers

MERN Stack Developers

Content Creators

UX/UI Designers

Digital Marketing Specialists

Project Managers

We're hiring!

We're currently seeking out an Front-end Javascript Developer, who is passionate about enhancing the growth and development of a team. Do you fancy the challenge?

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