Renew your domain name for the maximum period. This is a good indication to search engines that your website is sticking around.

Use power words in your descriptions to increase CTR. Power words such as 'Learn' and 'Best' add value to your metadata and encourage interaction.

To increase conversion rates, avoid using slideshows with text. Not everyone reads fast - nothing is more frustrating than text changing whist you're reading

Give testimonials to ALL your suppliers and ask them to link back to your website. This is the quickest and easiest way to link build.

Keyword research is finding what your customers are searching for. Start with the problems you solve, and what they would search to find your solution.

Regular content is VERY important. If you don't post at least once a month, then don't expect to rank prominently on search engines.

Speed is also about performance. Animations and effects can slow your website down on low power devices, causing a browser to crash.

Your website is a showroom, not a shop window. Ensure your website has all the information required to inform and help convert visitors.

Page structure should follow AIDA...

Attention, Information, Desire, Action.

Test your forms regularly! 

Emails are not always reliable and server updates can prevent them from working correctly.

ALT tags are for alternative descriptions of images and NOT somewhere to cram keywords. Describe what is in the picture.

Target a featured snippet - be factual and brief in your summary. Don't mention your brand. You're informing, not selling.

Optimise your images. Photo realistic images are typically smaller as JPEGS and images with transparency and block colours are best as PNG.

Speed is very important. You will struggle to rank at the top with a website that loads slower than 1 second on a mobile connection.

Is your website AMP enabled? 

Look for the grey lightening symbol next to Google search results mobile to indicate that a website loads instantly.

Less is more.

It's okay to have whitespace if it helps your point standout clearly.

Come back tomorrow for the next tip.