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Developing AMP Websites at no extra cost

by Simon Langham ON Jun 10, 2019

You may be thinking that the best technology must come with a higher price tag.

But think again!

Typically, shiny new technology like AMP websites comes at a premium. However, since we have only been developing AMP websites, we have not increased our rates.


Our opinion – based on facts – is that AMP is amazing!

Not only do AMP websites produce the fastest mobile pages on the web, they also encourage best practice for creating user-first engaging websites.

Not to forget that the only way your news articles can feature in Google’s news feed is with AMP enabled pages.

That’s why we use AMP as our primary mark-up for all desktop and mobile visitors. The AMP pages we develop are mobile first and fully responsive to work on all display sizes.

Paving the way for the fastest loading and most optimised websites, we’ve seen great results in lowering bounce rates, increasing visitor numbers and most importantly, increasing conversion rates.

So why not offer AMP as a premium service?

When offering something as powerful as AMP, it would seem misleading to then provide a cheaper alternative of a standard html website.

Therefore, we decided that rather than creating a complicated price tier system; we would make high-performance websites more accessible.

We can do this by investing all our time in creating one framework for our clients rather than splitting our time and managing different platforms.

How can you spot an AMP website?

When you perform a Google search on your mobile, you will see a lightening symbol appear next to some of the results.

This is the AMP logo and demonstrates that the website is AMP enabled and will load close to instantaneously.

Now you know that, you will notice an increasing number of results that are AMP powered.

Want to know more about AMP?

Handily enough, we have just produced a must-read brochure which gives much more information about the power of AMP, and how to level up your website.

Get in touch to talk to us about your business, and what we can do for your website.