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Featured Snippets: What to Know & How to Get Them

by Becky Cable ON Oct 18, 2019

Featured Snippets are still the best way to get your business seen on Google, but they seem to be changing all the time, which can make it tricky to keep up.

We're going to talk you through Featured Snippets, are you sitting comfortably?

Let's begin.

What is A Featured Snippet, anyway?

If you were to do a search for "what is a bagel", you would see a Featured Snippet just like this one.

Essentially, it's giving you information about your search and citing a website.

What we know about Featured Snippets 

23% of all search result pages include a featured snippet.

Well, we know that they're on 23% of all search result pages. That's wild. This is up over 165% since 2016.

We know that Google continues to provide more and more in different spaces, and we also know that there are five general types of featured snippets:

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table
  4. Video
  5. Accordion

The most common that we see are the paragraph and the list. The list can come in numerical format or bullets.

But we also see tables and then video. The video is interesting because it will just show a specific section of a video that it thinks you need to consume in order to get your answer, which is always interesting.

Another important thing to take away is that we know paragraphs and lists are the most common, and we can see that here. Fifty percent of all featured snippet results are paragraphs. Thirty-seven percent are lists. It's a ton. Then it whittles down from there. Nine percent are tables, and then just under two percent are video and under two percent are accordion. Kind of good to know.

People Also Ask boxes are on 93.8% of Featured Snippet SERPs

We also know that people also ask boxes are on 93.8% of featured snippet SERPs, meaning they're almost always present when there's a Featured Snippet, which is fascinating. There's a lot of good data we can get from these People Also Ask questions seed your keyword research and better understand what it is people are looking for.

So how do you win Featured Snippets?

  • Know which featured snippet keywords you rank on page one for

So number one is to know which featured snippet keywords your site already ranks for. Do your keyword research and arm yourself with this information.

  • Know your searchers' intent

Number two is to know your searchers' intent.

If one of your keywords was "delicious bagels" and the search result page was all video and images and content that was very visual, you have to provide visual content to compete with an intent like that.

There's obviously an intent behind the search where people want to see what it is and help in that process. It's a big part of crafting content to rank in search results but also Featured Snippets. Know the intent.

  • Provide succinct answers and content

Number three, provide succinct answers and content. Omit needless words. We see Google providing short, concise information, especially for voice results. We know that's the way to go, so I highly suggest doing that.


You already know the content that most people come to your site for, or maybe the content that does the best in your conversions, whatever that might be.

If you can provide summarised content about that page, just key takeaways or whatever that might be at the top or at the bottom, you could potentially rank for all sorts of Featured Snippets.

So really, really cool, easy stuff to kind of play around with and test.

For more info on creating quality content, just get in touch - we can help!

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