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Google brings AMP-powered search to Google Images with Swipe to Visit

by Becky Cable ON Jul 30, 2019

Brand new stuff from Google

It's brand new 'Swipe to Visit' feature allows you to preview sites in Google Images

Fast-loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are prevalent on the mobile web, thanks to Google Search.

AMP has just collaborated with Google Images to produce a new ‘Swipe to Visit’ action.

On mobiles, opening a result in Google Images will quickly show a preview of the page where the photo originates from. This takes the form of a floating sheet at the bottom of the page that can be swiped to visit.

As you’re swiping, the page is already fully loaded, thanks to AMP with a smooth full-screen transition effect.

The speed and ease of this experience makes it more likely for users to visit a publisher’s site, while still allowing users to continue their browsing session.

First announced at Google I/O 2019 in May, this new feature was launched just last week.

Google Images has made a series of changes to help people explore, learn and do more through visual search. An important element of visual search is the ability for users to scan many ideas before coming to a decision. Often this involves loading many web pages, which can slow down a search considerably and prevent users from completing a task.

'Swipe to Visit' uses AMP’s pre-render capability to show previews, so web pages displayed count as page views. Better still, if your website is already powered by AMP, you don’t need to take any additional action for your site to appear in 'Swipe to Visit' on Google Images.

If you're not yet a supporter of AMP - you can learn more about getting started with AMP here.

Plus, in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to track the resulting traffic from AMP in a brand new, dedicated module within Search Console’s performance report for Images. Of course, publishers will have to support AMP for any of this to work.

Why this news is a really good thing for your business

Google are making it increasingly more difficult to rank organically, with paid ads and featured snippets dominating the first page.

With this in mind, appearing in these special visual searches allow your website to rank much higher, and for visitors to efficiently scan and compare many offerings. This ticks another one of Google's best practices boxes.

Capturing high-quality images, and optimising them for search provides one more way for your business to attract users to your website.

This new UI feature may mean that you as an AMP-enabled publisher gets more traffic from your images by putting your website just a single swipe away.

I want AMP!

Of course you do.

AMP-powered websites are the way forward, and one giant step in the right direction of future-proofing your site.

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