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Google introduce custom JavaScript to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

by Becky Cable ON Aug 23, 2019

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Custom JavaScript can now be added to AMP pages, Google announced this week.

The amp-script component can be used to enable user interactions, and to share code across AMP-enabled and non-AMP pages.

This new amp-script component offers more feature flexibility and interactivity.

A long-standing frustration for web developers has been the inability to use custom JavaScript with AMP pages. Without custom JavaScript, web developers have been limited to the features provided by existing AMP components.

In response to an overwhelming amount of requests from developers, Naina Raisinghani, Product Manager for the AMP Project at Google, announced that web developers can now use the amp-script component to add custom add custom JS to their AMP pages to their add custom JS to their AMP pages.

The addition of amp-script will enable more sites to integrate AMP and will also make it possible for other sites to convert their entire site over to AMP.

What do we think about this custom JavaScript news?

This news may silence some AMP critics, and is definitely a welcome move. However, we believe there isn't much need for custom JavaScript when developing brochure websites with AMP.

AMP is particularly useful for online brochures, news websites and blogs.

JavaScript is not just one of the oldest languages for the web, it is almost one of the fastest growing. So now that AMP will support it, developers can more widely adopt AMP on their web applications and web sites.

Good news for all.

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