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How can I improve my online presence?

by Stephanie Holmes ON Apr 19, 2021

The need to have a digital presence is not new, but it became even more evident with the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with the obligation to keep the doors closed during social isolation, businesses that are not present on the internet have lost space and suffered significant financial impacts.

We know these are challenging times, so let's talk about the fundamental steps for your business to gain more space on the internet and, consequently, improve your results.

Know your Client's behaviour

The study of consumer behaviour seeks to understand what factors and trends lead a person to purchase. The concept may seem simple, but it involves collecting data, analysing influences, motivations and impressions about your ideal client.

Only in this way is it possible to establish behaviour patterns that allow your company to position itself more accurately in the market and be more precise in communicating with your customers.

Companies that understand consumers' behaviours and what they expect from a product or service while expanding the possibility of winning new customers guarantee the loyalty of those who have already used their solutions.

Plan and develop relevant content strategies

The last few years have shown that, especially in times of crisis, the companies that find the best solutions are the ones that have built concrete content strategies.

Why does it happen? Two maxims help explain: do not build your house on rented land or don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Well-structured content strategies with diversified channels make companies independent of other people's spaces, such as social networks. If something happens to these platforms, you know how to keep communicating with your public.

On the road to building a good content strategy, there are three essential factors for success:

  • Building your audience: the company that develops their own media channels, such as blogs with relevant content, creates their own audiences and is no longer dependent on what other platforms have to offer, such as social networks;
  • Diversification of media: just as in an investment strategy, diversification is always recommended. In this way, the company avoids any platform problems that may harm its entire digital presence. So, vary channels and use different formats. Video and audio content is gaining more and more audience and deserves special attention;
  • Identify the best media for your business: diversifying channels is essential, but it is necessary to identify which media should receive the most attention. The most efficient way is to analyse the public consumption behaviour that the company intends to reach. Thus, it becomes clearer to understand where efforts should be directed.

Use social media for promotion and customer relationships

If your company wants to increase its digital presence, it is essential to pay special attention to social media platforms.

A meaningful way is to identify the most used by your potential customers and adapt your language to them. The strategies used in networks like Instagram and Facebook, which are focused on images and videos, will not be the same for Twitter since it's main focus are on short messages.

Once you have identified which social networks should be privileged in your digital presence strategy, follow these steps:

  • Create relevant content;
  • Invest in visual identity;
  • Post frequently;
  • Use social media management tools;
  • Interact with your audience.

Measure results and adjust your strategy constantly

Just as the first step in a marketing strategy involves knowing your audience's consumption behaviour, the last step will always measure results and correct possible flaws. But if anyone thinks that it should do this only once or twice is wrong. This is a recurring and constant action.

Testing and page optimisation are two determining factors for any digital business to increase its conversion. Consequently, they are strategies capable of impacting a company's revenue.

Therefore, in addition to increasing your company's digital presence, constant optimisation of everything developed in your strategies will help your business financially.

Remember to evaluate possible barriers in your client's purchase journey, make tests and adjustments. And all of this frequently.