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Introducing our new Project Scheduling Platform

by Becky Cable ON Jul 04, 2019

So. You've hired a website developer to undertake your project, and been given a vague timescale of when the project will be completed. You're then in the unknown territory of what happens next, and when.

With this in mind, we have developed bespoke web pages for each our client's projects. This enables them to log-in whenever they want to, using a unique alias and pass-code.

Here's one we made earlier - Unumbox Demo Project (pass-code: demo123)

The Value & Benefits of Project Schedules

Our project schedules give us the ability to very effectively manage projects and communicate with our clients. A well conceived and formulated schedule will outline how a project will be effectively managed from start to finish.

They reflect all of the work associated with delivering the project on time, and include sequenced activities of the various milestones that are to be achieved at each stage of the project.

Having a project plan ensures you, the client, know exactly what should be delivered, and in what order, and also what is expected of you. We include next meeting schedules, the agenda of said meeting, and information required from you at any given time. You also have the super useful tool of being able to download the documents we create for easy referral.

So transparent we are almost see-through

We like to make sure our clients aren't left in the dark when it comes to their projects. Completely in the loop, and fully informed ensures projects run as seamlessly as possible.

Absolutely believing that when undertaking a project, we work in partnership with your business as a two-way process. Maintaining an honest, long-lasting working relationship - because a successful website is ongoing, things will always evolve and improve along with your business.

Does your website developer have a clear and concise schedule?

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