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What is LEMP (LAMP) Stack Development?

For a web application to work smoothly, there has to be an operating system, a web server, a database, and a programming language.

In this instance, LEMP stack stands for:

Linux: The open-source operating system

NGINX: The open-source web server application

MySQL: The relational database management system

PHP: The programming language to create dynamic web pages

These four key components combine into a set of software used to develop high-performance websites. Each of these components represent a layer of the stack, and combined together ensure a database-driven and dynamic website.

In LAMP stack development, Apache replaces NGINX.

What are the benefits of LEMP (LAMP) Stack?

  • The LEMP stack's four components are all open-source software
  • LEMP stack has a proven track record for security and stability
  • Each of the four components are fully customisable

The Unumbox team includes specialised LEMP stack developers, proficient in the four technologies required in order to create the most optimised websites.

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