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3. Schedule your upgrade

Leave the rest to us. We will set you up with a clear schedule and a page that you can use to monitor progress.


Wouldn't it be great if everything you need to make informed decisions about your website as a business owner or marketing manager was in one place?

Good news... we have created one for you!

Our free booklet has 44 pages dedicated to giving you all the information you need to level up your website.

From learning how featured snippets will drive more traffic to your website, to the process you should follow when putting your website together, we have it all covered in this free download.

We have created this MUST READ brochure so you are informed before meeting to discuss your project.

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Here's a couple of sample pages from our free booklet talking about AMP.....

Once you have signed up to our mailing list, you can request a print copy which we will send to any UK address for free.

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2. Talk to our Website Experts

Now you have the information, it's time to talk to our experts about the specifics of your project.

We appreciate that every business is different, which is why every project is treated as unique.

Making a start on your new optimised website is easy. Fill in this short form with some details, and we will be in touch with an estimate - a hassle-free, no obligation way to get started.

Your estimate will be with you within 24 working hours.

Following this is scheduling a mutually convenient meeting; or Skype call if you prefer. We will demonstrate how we have the expertise to help you increase enquiries from your website.

Your personalised proposal will be created after this for your website re-development project. This contains an overview of our intentions, outlining key features we have suggested to implement. In addition, we introduce the CMS we intend to use, and why.

3. Schedule your Upgrade

Your re-development project will be added to our schedule, the timescales of which will be outlined within your proposal. Our project schedules give us the ability to very effectively manage projects and communicate with our clients.

They reflect all of the work associated with delivering the project on time, and include sequenced activities of the various milestones that are to be achieved at each stage of your project.

We will grant you access to your unique webpage so you can see the progress of your project at any time you wish.Split into 6 sections, this details the stages of your project, along with timescales for each -

  • Proposal
  • Scope
  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deploy

Having a project plan ensures you, the client, know exactly what should be delivered, in what order, and also what is expected of you. We include next meeting schedules, the agenda of said meeting, and information required from you at any given time. You also have the super useful tool of being able to download the documents we create for easy referral.

We can split up the stages if you need us to, for larger projects, or specific requirements you may have.

We like to make sure our clients aren't left in the dark when it comes to their projects.

Completely in the loop, and fully informed ensures projects run as seamlessly as possible.

Absolutely believing that when undertaking a project, we work in partnership with your business as a two-way process. Maintaining an honest, long-lasting working relationship - because a successful website is ongoing, things will always evolve and improve along with your business.

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