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A Case Study with Louisa Berry

An introduction to our partnership with Louisa Berry

Louisa appealed to us at Unumbox as she is a fabulous author, but did not have a fabulous website to showcase her books!

3P Publishing are a client of ours, and Louisa's publishers, so it made sense for us to collaborate on her new author website.

Louisa has just launched her third book in the series, so what better time to launch her new site?

You can visit her website at www.louisa-berry.com.

Services We Provide to Louisa Berry





The Project Brief.

As our client, Louisa wanted a simple, no-fuss website which was easy for her readers to navigate, and find out more about her books. We also needed to include links for purchase, too.

A newsletter sign-up bar was decided upon to capture her loyal fans' email addresses, to keep them informed about new book releases and news.

At Unumbox, we provide this service as part of our overall optimisation services which meet the following objectives…

  • Optimised for mobile and SEO
  • Full training provided to enable Louisa to update her own website
  • Fast turnaround

Testimonial From Louisa - Author of Louisa Berry books

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Unumbox to get my site created. Simon, Becky and Stephanie paid attention to my requirements and delivered a beautiful, clear, easy to navigate site that I am very proud to share with other people. They have taken the time to show me how to update it and I'm reassured that I can pick up the phone should I have any teething questions. Thanks team - great job!

The Solution.

Quality Content

The readers' glowing testimonials speak for themselves, so when creating the website content, we were sure to include these clearly on the website.

Optimised Website

We made sure the website was as fast as possible and mobile responsive, and as accessible as possible by using clear content, and by removing all unnecessary elements, amongst other tasks.

Customer Interaction

A newsletter sign-up bar was added to the website to capture her loyal fans' email addresses, to keep them informed about new book releases, as well as a blog section for Louisa to update herself as and when she has written them.

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