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MODX - The content management system of choice for growing companies.

Welcome to the CMS that boasts expert capabilities - including a user friendly interface, a great security record and high-performance architecture.


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Welcome to MODX, the content management system that boasts a user friendly interface and unrivalled performance.

Loved by marketing teams and developers around the world, MODX is a secure and reliable platform that is well suited to powering your next website.

There are many reasons to upgrade to MODX including:

  • Bloat-free framework and caching for high-performance
  • Easy drag and drop content management with content blocks
  • Unrivalled security record
  • Simple edits to all website content

Built for professionals, MODX is an enterprise level platform with multilingual, multi context capabilities and powerful user policies for growing teams.

Managing your website with ease.

MODX enables you to manage all aspects of your website - from the content on pages, to adding new pages, and managing media.

There are many advanced features included with the core, plus other great add-ons with custom fields to update elements such as meta data, sitemaps, databases, user access, media and responsive content layouts.

We've put an extensive online tutorial together helping customers manage their content, which you can preview here - Basic MODX User Guide.

Let us take you on a journey of the three key areas within the MODX dashboard.

1. Can I change my website settings?

Absolutely. The top bar of MODX is where you can edit all the website settings, like changing your telephone number or opening hours, just the once, creating the change globally across the entire website.

The facility is also here for setting user profiles and permissions for staff members.

In the development, the intuitive dashboard's settings and fields can be tailored to your custom requirements, and super easy to navigate.


2. Can I add new pages?

Again, yes. On the left hand side of the dashboard you can see all the resources of your website with a simple drag and drop feature.

You can simply click on the page you would like to edit to re-order and re-organise. This also changes the menu structure. Right click on the page for additional options, such as duplicating or quickly editing content.

From this menu, you can also manage your media files in an explorer - similar to the way you would manage your files on your computer.


3. Can I add new website content?

Of course, and we would recommend updating content regularly for a successful website.

This section is where the majority of time is spent editing the content of the pages - from the page title to the layout.

At the top of the page you can manage the meta data and publishing information, with additional fields that let you edit all settings. Further down, you have the main content that can easily be dragged and dropped.

You can learn more about how to drag and drop these Content Blocks here... https://modmore.com/contentblocks/.


Companies in the UK and America are upgrading their website to MODX for improved performance and easier content management.

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Why upgrade to MODX?

Access to manage your own website content is very important and MODX makes it simple.

Editing is Easy

MODX allows developers to create modular, multi-column, rich input content of any type. Immersive landing pages can be built with complex designs, and all you need to do is drag and drop where you want them.

All the benefit of mind-blowing code, without the need for the editor to touch any of it!

Fast Performance

MODX has built-in caching framework for lightning fast load speeds, and easy content management. No bloated code or themes to slow your website down, this is effortless performance at its best.

The inclusion of content blocks has another - amazing - benefit. Content blocks allow Google to understand your content better by schematically splitting content with individual keywords - all leading to better page rankings for multiple keywords.

Secure and Safe

Keeping your website safe from hackers is crucial, regardless of website size, and MODX tightened security ensures all code is sanitised before touching the database, preventing attacks from hackers.

Constant checks and back-ups are conducted to allow the latest version of MODX to be run efficiently.

Click here to compare MODX for security statistics against WordPress, Drupal​ and Joomla here.​

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We're ready to get started working with you or your marketing team to develop a custom MODX website that is easy to manage.

  • Data-Driven Design Principles
  • Customer Centric UX Design
  • Custom Coded

We thrive to develop the best websites with high conversion rates and will not rest until you're completely satisfied that we have met the scope of the project.

We'll work as part of your team alongside your marketing department whilst providing the skills and knowledge of a digital agency.

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