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A Case Study with Real Estate U

An Introduction to our partnership with RealEstateU.

RealEstateU is an online real estate school based in Florida that offers real estate licensing, continuing education, and real estate investing courses.

While pursuing a Master’s degree in real estate finance from NYU, Andrew teamed with Ciprian an entrepreneur, to build an online video library of practical and affordable real estate courses.

RealEstateU began by producing a series of real estate investing courses for aspiring entrepreneurs, taught by NYU instructors and several experienced real estate investing professionals throughout the country.

You can visit their website at realestateu.tv

Services We Provide to Real Estate U



Conversion Rate

Hosting &

The Project Brief:

Ciprian from RealEstateU got in contact with us to discuss re-building the existing website to a completely optimised standard using AMP framework. Ciprian was already invested in the idea of an AMP-powered website, and came specifically to us for the re-development, as AMP specialists.

In addition to this, RealEstateU require a holistic solution to hosting, security and maintenance, alongside continuous support to maintain a super fast site.

At Unumbox, we provide this service as part of our overall optimisation services which meet the following objectives…

  • Increased search visibility for relevant search queries
  • Improved conversion rates of quality leads
  • Position RealEstateU as a reputable market leader
  • Lower bounce rates with a clear visitor journey
  • Integrate with social media to improve conversion rates
  • Improved domain authority

Testimonial From Ciprian - CEO - RealEstateU.

We were looking for a complete solution that allows our company to use the AMP environment and we came across Unumbox.

Their team is fantastic, extremely responsive and diligent. The communication is always timely and they keep us informed of all the developments (so we are always kept in the loop). We recently migrated to AMP and we could not be happier. The entire process was handled by the Unumbox team from copying the data to the new website, re-designing the look & feel of our pages, and handling the domain migration.

Working with their team is easy and pleasant and no questions remain unanswered.

We will work with them going forward and highly recommend their services!

Updated to AMP Framework

It was vital for Real Estate U to keep looking ahead to future technologies, and how we could best use the website to meet the needs of changing trends in their search behaviour. Upgrading to AMP & MODX ensured a complete high performance, fast and optimised website. Naturally the website ranks higher, as it is much faster to load on all devices, and feature the lightning symbol on mobile results. This all helps click throughs, which in turn helps the site climb rankings.

Top Lighthouse Scores

By creating and achieving a clear visitor journey by reducing options to increase interaction, adopting a ‘user first’ approach in preparation for Google’s potential algorithm changes has elevated Real Estate U's performance scores on Lighthouse. This ensures the website stays ahead of the curve and constantly conforms with the latest Google requirements, speed being one of them.

Improved Conversion Rates

Real Estate U have enjoyed a 10-15% increase in revenue since upgrading to AMP, and other marketing efforts. Also, they have enjoyed a click through increase of over 1,600 since this project, along with an increase of over 33,000 impressions (yes, this business deals with BIG visitor numbers!).

New Elements

New sections have been added to the website including a FAQ section to answer visitor concerns and questions easily, a free course area, and social proof elements.

Super Fast Load Times

The outcome for the re-development was a fully optimised website from a technical perspective. This means that we now focus on optimising the websites' conversion rates and content value.

Secure and Reliable Hosting & Management

Pro-active package covers checks to ensure the website is performing at its optimum potential. The dedicated Hosting based in the USA is perfect for this website build project, providing super security and all the latest updates for absolute peace of mind.

Pondering a website upgrade?

If this case study has got you thinking that your business website is in need of an upgrade, get in touch with us, we can help.

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