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At Unumbox we like to make things simple so you can focus on what you do best. We have created a method of working so your business can be the best version of itself without the complexities common with website development.

Check out our standard packages to see how it all works...


MODx - Content Management

MODx is a highly flexible content management framework which is ideal for a wide range of applications. MODx has a great track record for security and has a great community of developers.

MODx is our preferred system and recommended choice for most brochure style websites. We are also proud to be recognised MODx professionals.


WordPress - Blogging Platform

If you're a small business or blogger then you have most likely come across WordPress. With its popularity, WordPress has a large resource of themes and plugins which makes it accessible.

At Unumbox we optimise WordPress websites to perform better and adapt themes and plugins to meet your requirements.


WHMCS - Hosting Automation

WHMCS is a popular hosting management system which manages accounts, payment, products and Support. If you're a website hosting company then you will have herd of WHMCS.

We have developed many WHMCS platforms at Unumbox and have a great understanding of how to manage and adapt the system and templates.


Magento - eCommerce

Magento is a complex but reliable eCommerce system structured to manage products and payments. Magento is a popular system with many large retailers using the system for their own catalogue and online sales.


HTML - Markup

The most essential element of the web! HTML is the markup language almost every website uses to transfer information and display it in a human readable manner. HTML5 is that latest version which all reputable, modern browsers use.

All our in-house developers are highly skilled with the HTML language and at creating efficient websites using this markup language.


CSS - Styling

Without CSS, your website would be very bland. CSS is the language that style your website making elements interactive and on-brand.

CSS is an essential skill for all Unumbox Developers who are all highly experienced with this language.


JavaScript - Client Side

JavaScript is code that helps create interactive elements on a webpage. Being a client side script, JavaScript enables a website to do so much more than remain static.

At Unumbox Ltd we have highly skilled JavaScript developers with a great amount of experience to help your website stand out efficiently.


PHP - Server Side

Unumbox all started with PHP and is the foundation of all our work. PHP is the server side language that most platforms such as WordPress, MODx and Magento use to fetch data and render packages that get sent to the clients browser.

We love coding PHP at Unumbox and have a great amount of experience with the language.


MySQL - Database

All websites require a database of information and the most popular way of storing, sorting and managing that data is with a Structured Query Language such as MySQL.

We have developers experienced and very knowledgeable with using MySQL.


Bootstrap - Mobile Responsive

Bootstrap is an amazing framework built by the guys at Twitter and uses CSS and JS to help make sites interactive and mobile responsive. We could custom code our sites to be mobile responsive, but why go to all the effort when others have already built the foundations.

All our developers are trained to use the Bootstrap library in all websites.


jQuery - JavaScript Library

JavaScript is a complex language which jQuery simplifies for efficiency. The jQuery library has many common tool that are tested across platforms making our development much quicker.

Our JavaScript Developers are all trained to use jQuery effectively and efficiently.


1BX - Unumbox Framework

All our websites have common features which we pre-install in a setup we call 1BX. 1BX is unique to Unumbox and saves us time and energy when setting up and developing a website.

The 1BX Framework has a clear structure and method of working that all our developers follow to be efficient.

Nick Maud - NJM Locksmiths

When I got in touch with Unumbox I was looking for a website for my Locksmith company. When they told me about their monthly plan that takes care of the website, hosting and email I jumped at the chance. They were able to transfer my domain name over which I thought I had lost.

I also subscribed to their Social Media plan as I’m very busy and do not fully understand how Facebook works. However, I understand the importance of promoting my business on Social Media, so decided to hand over the responsibility to Unumbox.

I’m pleased with the content of my website and how clear it is laid out. Communication with Nammie [at Unumbox] was great and everything has been dealt with quickly. My website, email and social media was set up and running within a week and have been very easy to access.

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