The optimisation process

You have a great website but few people are visiting and those that are stopping by are not sticking around or converting.

Building a strong, online presence is an ongoing process that adapts to market changes and client needs. Google algorithms change and visitors expect more from your website.

Imagine visiting a website that serves up the right information you're looking for quickly and clearly. That is a brand you would trust and respect. We want your website to be that trusted source of information that people keep coming back to.

Optimisation is not simply about ranking higher on Google, although that is important. Optimisation is a process of identifying areas for improvement and tuning your website to get the best performance. A well-performing website is one that attracts visitors, retains their attention and converts them.

At Unumbox, we are your partner for positive change. We follow an agile optimisation process that works to find that winning solution for your business.  

Agile website optimisation, discovery phase

[Phase 1]


Sometimes the issue has already been identified, but rarely is the reason or solution been found. The optimisation process starts by identifying the areas for improvement and understanding all options.

Research is a vital part of optimising a high-performance website. We research the keywords and target demographics to understand how we can improve the visitor journey. We like to break things down into small managable chuncks to get the best performance for your website. The more detailed our research, the easier it is to design a suitable solution.

Agile website optimisation, design phase

[Phase 2]


Using the research from the discovery phase of the process, we put together a detailed plan or design to improve the website. The design is then fully evaluated before our developers write a single line of code.

Using the research from the discovery pahse we build a detaild blueprint in the for of a design visual or strategy to be discussed, amended and agreed. The design stage also allows us to try different content to find the best solution. Suggestions for new content are also provided in the design which is shared electronically for feedback and amendments.

Agile website optimisation, develop phase

[Phase 3]


Once the design and content is agreed, we can start developing the improvements into the live production site. New content can either be created for you or provided by you. This phase is typically all in our hands.

Our expert developers have experience with many languages such as HTML5 and PHP, enabling us to create code compliant, well optimised and interactive websites. Building your website from the code up keeps your website efficient and fast to load. We also optimise websites that use a wide range of content management systems including WordPress and Magento.

Agile website optimisation, deploy phase

[Phase 4]


The changes are almost ready! We just need to review the alterations and make any adjustments ready to go live on the production site. Once deployed, we're able to analyse data to ensure the improvements have made a positive impact.

Some changes can make an instand impact whereas other can take months to see improvement. We do our best inform you of what can be expected. With agile website development, optimisation can take several turns to perfect the results. The next step is to analyse the data and discover new changes to improve conversion.

Agile website optimisation loop

[Ongoing development]

Getting more from your website

Optimisation is ongoing and may take many turns to improve and optimise a site for the best performance. The internet changes on a daily basis from search engine algorythem changes to visitor behaviours altering. Our process buit on the priniples of Aglie Web Development allow for pngoing develolpment and improvements.

Optimisation tasks can take as little as an hour to many hours per month. We have options for paying by the hour or momnthly retainers.

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