Pay as You Code

What is pay as you code?

Whether you have a website or not, Pay as you Code is a great service that enables you to be in control of your development projects. It’s a simple, flexible way of reserving hours to suit your budget.

You may want to use a couple of hours to optimise the homepage to rank higher on Google or 100 hours to build a full website. Whatever your requirements are, the Unumbox team is on hand to develop your website. And the great thing about this service is that any *hours left over at the end of a project can be used for other development work on your website.

Why use Pay as you Code for my business?

Pay as you Code simply works by *buying blocks of hours which can be used for a multitude of development projects. This could be for design, development, optimisation or marketing of your website. And if you run out, you can simply *top-up again at your convenience.

How do I top up?

You can purchase as many hours as you like.

All this is done by our online portal at Simply *buy the number of hours you would like and tell us about your project by raising a ticket from your account.

* Unused hours are non-refundable after 14 days of purchase. Any refunds may incur an administration fee of 20% for any hours that are not used. Only purchase the hours you require.

1 Hour Top-Up

Use your hours for any of the following...

MODx Development
WordPress Development
WHMCS Development
Magento Development
JavaScript Coding
PHP/MySQL Coding
Content Management
£4000 +VAT Enquire

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