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A Case Study with Sharpe Wills

An Introduction to our partnership with Sharpe Wills

With 20 years in the Will Writing business, Darren and his team should be at the forefront of search results in the Northamptonshire area!

Sadly, this was not the case, and Unumbox and Sharpe Wills worked to rectify this situation.

The services offered by Sharpe Wills include expert advice across all Will writing and situations, including understanding and planning your Will, help with how to get probate, assisting with Lasting Powers of Attorney and the Court of Protection.

You can visit their website at sharpewills.com.

Services We Provide to Sharpe Wills





The Project Brief.

Darren at Sharpe Wills had a nice enough business website, but was finding his business was not showing up in search engines, and wanted to increase visibility so more local people could find his business, and enlist the Will Writing services he had to offer.

The team at Unumbox suggested integration of relevant industry keywords for the website content creation, focusing on the specialist services, and instigating clear call-to-actions.

At Unumbox, we provide this service as part of our overall optimisation services which meet the following objectives…

  • Increase search engine visibility in the local towns and area
  • Improve conversion rates of quality leads
  • Position Sharpe Wills as a reputable market leader
  • Lower bounce rates with a clear visitor journey
  • Increase search traffic and solutions clearly offered

Testimonial From Darren - Director of Sharpe Wills

"The new website created by Unumbox has been live approximately 3-4 months now, and I have been very happy to see the website continually climb the ranks in search engines. I now rank in the top 5 search results on Google for my services in the area.

The new website has not only brought in more traffic and visitors by having visibility in search engines, but also has been designed to encourage visitors to get in touch by having calls to action throughout turning visitors into prospective clients.

Simon offered ongoing support after the website had gone live to continue to refine it by looking at customer interactions and how it can be improved.

We have recently introduced a live chat feature to trial this, rather than the traditional contact form. It's great to see the team continue to be of help after the initial work has been done, and look forward to continually improving and working with Unumbox."

The Solution.

Quality Content

Collaboration between Unumbox and Sharpe Wills resulted in high quality content for the new website.

Optimised Website

We made sure the website was as fast as possible, as accessible as possible by using clear content, and by removing all unnecessary elements, amongst other tasks.


As part of the website design, there has been inclusion of multiple call-to-actions, prompting visitors to take the next step in contacting Sharpe Wills to enlist their services.

Local Search Visibility

The content included super relevant keywords in the Will Writing industry, and focusing on local towns to increase search visibility.

Thinking about a new working partnership?

If this case study has got you thinking that your business website is in need of an upgrade, get in touch with us, we can help.

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