Simon Langham

Someone has to be in charge. This is him.

Lover of all things Star Wars and Lego, Simon is a self-proclaimed workaholic, bringing his vast Lego collection to work for display purposes, away from his long suffering wife’s view.

Simon loves a controversial debate about pretty much anything, leaving a trail of cold coffee cups in his wake as he unleashes his jokes on whoever is unlucky enough to be in his presence. Takes micro-managing to an extreme level.

He takes great pleasure in creating procedures for everything we do at Unumbox, to create uniform policies for quality projects undertaken with care and precision. This means that behind the scenes of your project, there are clear procedures in place ensuring everything happens when it is supposed to.

Simon's skills:

  • Front and Back-End development of websites
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • AMP & MODX development
  • Coming up with all the brilliant ideas

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