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The success of AMP uncovered

by Stephanie Holmes ON Oct 23, 2020

Are you still asking yourself, why AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

You're certainly in the right place for your answers. In this article we're sharing with you a list of AMP website examples from our latest projects to give you an insight into how Google's AMP technology can bring great success to your business online, by leaving you with a fully optimised, high performance website. Take a look!

RealEstateU - AMP Website Redevelopment

RealEstateU is an online real estate school based in the USA. Their company offers real estate licensing, continuing education, and real estate investing courses.

CEO Ciprian, was invested in the idea of an AMP-powered website, and came specifically to us for the re-development of their existing website. This was along with the desire for a holistic solution to hosting, security and maintenance, alongside a continuous support network to maintain what is now, a fully optimised and high performing website.

Since the launch of their AMP enabled website last year, RealEstateU have seen great success for their business online.

With an update to AMP & MODX, RealEstateU now have a high performance, fast and optimised website, that loads faster on all devices.

RealEstateU have enjoyed a 10-15% increase in revenue since upgrading to an AMP based website, and other marketing efforts.

Since the launch last year, the site has experienced a 96% increase in their impressions made on Google, resulting in a further 70% increase in their clicks too. Given their 2000+ website visits per day from search alone, we're talking some big traffic numbers here.

"We were looking for a complete solution that allows our company to use the AMP environment and we came across Unumbox.

Their team is fantastic, extremely responsive and diligent. The communication is always timely and they keep us informed of all the developments (so we are always kept in the loop). We recently migrated to AMP and we could not be happier. The entire process was handled by the Unumbox team from copying the data to the new website, re-designing the look & feel of our pages, and handling the domain migration."Ciprian, CEO of RealEstateU.

BTT Comms - AMP Website Development

BTT Comms Ltd is a well-established technology company based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. With 25 years experience in the communications industry, they work hard to ensure that businesses stay connected in the right way. When the time came, BTT Comms reached out in search of suggestions on how to optimise the functionality of their website, with a view to increasing conversion rates.

Thanks to the powers of AMP and further AMP website developments such as AMP Stories, their business is rocketing in the online world.

Since implementing AMP, organic search traffic has now increased by 50%, with new record impressions seen from Google in September. Site wide bounce rates are also starting to fall due to improvements in site speed, keeping visitors on the site.

"We are around 9 months in to working with Unumbox, and every month we are tweaking the website for the better and an improvement can be seen already. Our (organic) website traffic is up by roughly 20%, with more people staying on the site and converting to us via website leads or even called us directly." - Heather Selbie, Marketing Manager

Reflections of Infinity - AMP Website Redevelopment

Reflections of Infinity is a jewellery and accessories shop, who supply the complete range of genuine replacement straps and bracelets made by Mondaine and Victorinox. Founder Colin came to us for some redevelopments on his existing website with the desire to gain a newly, adaptive AMP driven website. This is a great example of how the Google AMP framework, can absolutely turn around the performance and rankings of a website.

‚Äč"Since the new AMP website has been running, the number of website visits has increased and online sales are up by 25%" - Colin Beadle, Founder.

"Simon readily grasped the underling logic of our niche website selling watch straps and bracelets for Mondaine and Victorinox watches. His design proposals and MODX skill-set have delivered big time". - Colin Beadle, Founder.

Sharpe Wills - AMP Website Development

Sharpe Wills is a family run Will writing service based in Northamptonshire. Earlier this year saw the completion of their shiny, AMP multi-page website and the results are looking cracking already!

With AMP integration in place, their website sustains superb performance and loads almost instantaneously.

"The new website created by Unumbox has been live approximately 3-4 months now and I have been very happy to see the website continually climb the ranks in search engines. I now rank in the top 5 search results for my services in my areas" - Darren Sharpe.

It's simple then surely? For anyone who's looking for a high performance website and looking to flourish as a business online, AMP website development is the way to go. In AMP vs non AMP, of course... AMP wins.