Unumbox – The meaning behind the name

by Simon Langham ON Jan 15, 2017

We get a lot of comments and questions about our name which really deserve a blog post to clarify what and where the name Unumbox came from.

We pronounce Unumbox, You-num-box. The word is made from two other words. Unum [oo-num] is Latin for one and a box is place you store things. The method of getting to the name was to have something like OneBox but that was taken. Therefore, we used a little Latin and came up with something unique.

We have found that London tech start-ups get the name as it has a similar sound to other techie and modern names such as Ubuntu and Uber.

When coming up with the name, the founder (Simon Langham) wanted something that was unique, one word and very few syllables. At that time the business was intended to be a side project for fun but has since become a successful, growing business. Many names were thought up and finally the word Unumbox was settle upon. A fitting name for a young tech start-up company.

The reason for having a single place of storage behind the name is not really a meaning. It does not carry any purpose other than to say we have it all covered for you… In one organised place.