The 2020 Unumbox Christmas Web Story

Traditionally, in an office environment, it would be all hands on deck, decorating the tree...

However, as a digital-first, entirely remote business already, we had to think of some new ways to bring the team together virtually

(#covid-19 aside)

 And in true Unumbox style, we have most creative methods up our sleeves for having fun!

So we asked the team to give us a festive photo of themselves with their Christmas tree...

..with varying degrees of success

So who is on the nice list this year, and who has made it onto the naughty list?

Sanjit (our UX/IU Designer) 

is firmly on the nice list, being the first to provide his festive photo

Next up on the nice list is Gustavo (our LAMP Developer)

Who has given us a lovely festive image all the way from his family in Portugal 

Leah (our HR lady) was quick off the mark to get on the nice list

With her gorgeous little angel on the family Christmas tree

And Becky (our customer contact & content creator) practiced her yoga tree pose 

with her Christmas tree

Two more members of the team made it onto the nice list this year

Can you guess who they are?

Karen (PA to Simon)

thought outside the box and displayed her Unumbox snood in a unique fashion

BTW, if you haven't got your snood yet...

Snood Me Up

Steph (Marketing Extraordinaire)

supplied this little beauty of a pic

Which leaves us with the team members on the naughty list...

Although, like Santa's little helpers, they have been working hard on many projects ensuring Christmas cheer for our clients.

Merry Christmas from Team Unumbox!