A Case Study with Vizeo Media

An Introduction to our partnership with Vizeo Media

Vizeo Media specialises in business storytelling through engaging video.

The Vizeo Media team have a vast amount of film and video experience between them, from:

  • developing a story
  • creating a script and storyboard
  • planning the production
  • filming
  • editing and post-production
  • video marketing and social sharing

You can visit their website at

Services We Provide to Vizeo Media




The Project Brief.

Robin approached us with lots of creative ideas for his new website, focusing on storytelling through the power of media.

From one small, independent business to another, we collaborated to come up with a bespoke templated website for Vizeo Media to get their brand across in a stylish way.

Inspired by the 1980's adventure storytelling books, we included this theme within the website's navigation to take the visitor on a journey.

This website build project met the following objectives...

  • Bespoke website built from scratch, from code up
  • Fast turnaround
  • AMP powered site to ensure optimum performance
  • Economically sound project

Testimonial From Robin Kirkley - Creative Media at Vizeo Media

I’ve had various WordPress websites in the past, and have naturally worked with lots of web designers/providers.

Simon, Becky, and the team at Unumbox are the best by far.

Simon works with both MODX and WordPress. I chose to go with MODX because I find it much easier to navigate, keep updated, enter content, and embed video.

Simon is also an expert with Google’s AMP, which helps you rise above the crowd in a relatively short space of time because Google seems to prioritise AMP users.

Becky is an amazing content writer and all-round organiser, and I am well looked-after by the team.

Unumbox are genuinely interested in my website working for my business, and regularly provide support and extra training.

I feel I have found a valuable partner in developing and optimising my web presence, and I highly recommend the Unumbox team to businesses large or small.

The Solution.

Creative Template Design

Using our coding expertise, we created a bespoke creative website that met the needs of Vizeo Media, and encapsulated their business model.


A series of training modules were provided to Vizeo Media, to enable them to update their own website and take complete ownership moving forward.

Fully Optimised Website

We made sure the website was as fast as possible, as accessible as possible by using clear content, and by removing all unnecessary elements, amongst other tasks.

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