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We want to work with YOU

by Becky Cable ON Jun 05, 2019

And why you are going to want to work with US

We develop the most optimised websites.

We are confident that we develop the most optimised websites from a technical perspective - as standard - than any other website agency we are aware of. Take a look at our latest Lighthouse report.....

And yeah, we are working on improving on those measly three points ;)

Across the board - we aim to achieve (and do) the highest possible score on Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

This new tool by Google is used to test and give the recommendations to improve all of these indicators on a website. And I think we all know by now, we keep Google sweet, and our chances of ranking higher on searches go up.

What we do is work to please your potential new visitors/prospects first, not you. This means more visitors, more leads and everyone being happy campers.

Flashy websites taking forever to load are not our jam. Flamboyant websites may please you, but we’re targeting your prospects, and what they want is answers, fast.

Couldn't be less interested in WordPress 

We really know our stuff. We don't simply drag and drop elements into a standard WordPress theme and hope for the best.

Rather, we design and develop bespoke websites that are highly targeted and developed from the code up because unlike most website agencies, we understand the code that builds the templates they use.

If you've ever been spun the line, "Oh, your website doesn't need this feature" (something you think will improve it), or "No, that won't really work", and are guided towards a more generic solution, chances are, the developers are using templated platforms which don't enable them to make the required changes.

Our team understand the need for uniqueness within your website, and create coded blocks to achieve any format your heart desires.

We develop websites that are User-First

It even says so on our home page. That's how important it is.

A website needs to meet it's business needs.

And that is what our websites (developed from the code up) do. Spectacularly.

Instead of baffling visitors with blinding animations, carousels, and everything else you could imagine, what is needed is increasing visitors, reducing bounce rates, and ultimately, converting visitors into customers.

Long-term website success

Website Optimisation and long-term success are our goals for a redesigned or new site. Sacrificing those efforts for a website efficiently built with quick wins makes no sense.

Read the brochure, get in contact, and let's arrange a sales call.