Website Content Trends for 2020

by Becky Cable ON Nov 20, 2019

Here at Unumbox HQ, we are always keen to learn what's new within our industry, and sharing them with our clients, and potential clients, especially in the marketing departments of businesses.

This week we look into 7 key trends you should be aware of within website content creation in 2020.

Content which drives visitors to your website, keeps them there and informed, and then converts them to leads. Which is what we all want, right?

‚Äč1. Stories

Stories have been trending for quite some time now on Facebook and Instagram, and are ever increasing in popularity. We now see the introduction of AMP stories; these are stories within your website, which a software a developer can install, and you go forth and unleash your creative side!

AMP stories are very easy and quick to create, and we are seeing very impressive results. All you need is an image or video with text overlaid; this text takes a lot less time to create than a full-on blog article, as the likelihood is you'll already have images from other content you've been creating, We are seeing stories ranking higher than articles with the same keyword.

AMP stories are likely to be very popular in 2020; so this is definitely a trend you want to get on board with.

2. Personalisation

So. we are talking about creating a journey on your website that is super relevant to the user.

If you can create content that talks about your product, or service specifically in their application, or in a way they're looking to have their problem solved, you will increase conversions. There are many ways of doing this - you can create individual stories on your website, or you can learn about your user's journey on your site with a cookie or tracking code. You can then tailor the content dynamically by the visitor when they click onto your website from their IP address.

You can change wording, images, and much more, to target those visitors. Personalisation is the latest buzzword in marketing, and for good reason.

From mass email campaigns to website content, if you can personalise content, your users feel it's relevant to themselves, and you'll enjoy increased conversion rates as a result.

3. User-First Content

A vital step most web developers miss. So focused on creating an amazing design that pleases you the customer, not your user. Their primary focus is, how does it look?

In the midst of doing this, they miss out one key ingredient that makes a site successful - the user first element. You need to be thinking about people visiting your site, what are they going to learn, what are they looking for, what concerns do you need to address. And then, if you can answer all of those, and put your user first, you'll see higher conversion rates.

By making sure your website content is grabbing the attention of the right people, and building desire to do business with you, all that remains is to create a very clear call to action.

This user first approach all ties in with personalisation and stories.

4. Link Building 

Link building within websites has always important, and will be important for a long while to come.

It's a very good indicator of how important and relevant your website content is. It can be difficult getting link-backs, particularly high quality ones. We are seeing a rise in the success of testimonials, so reach out to your suppliers, create testimonials for them, which they will then hopefully link back to yours.

There are other ways of creating link backs, by creating good, informative articles, this will help. The use of infographics and graphs too. So keep your eyes out for high value link building opportunities.

5. Interactive CTA'S (Gamification)

One of the biggest challenges is the retrieval of your users' emails addresses. People are (rightly so) sceptical about being in a mailing list campaign.

We'd like to share with you a way. Say, for instance, you've read an article, and there's a quiz at the end. Before you get your results, you need to hand over your email address. Your users are much more likely to give this information to receive a reward, this is tapping into the dopamine kick, which we all love to receive.

Interactivity within your CTA is leading to an increase in conversion rates. It's that addictive dopamine kick which keeps people playing games on their phones all day. So use that to your advantage ;)

6. Short Form Video Content

Video content isn't new, it's been trending for a while, and becoming more and more accessible.

Specifically in this point we are looking at 15 second video snippets, also known as stories. These type of videos are quick to consume, and gives the basic level of information, your user can then click through and learn more. You do need to create a lot of these short form videos however, as they don't stick around, This ensures your business content is seen, and frequently.

TikTok is a great platform for short form videos. Yes, it started for the younger audience, but the same said about Instagram, and we predict businesses will adopt this new platform.

If you are entertaining enough, people will find out more about your company.

7. Featured Snippets

Most businesses are trying to rank organically for position 1 in Google.

On the rise is position 0 (better than position 1). A Featured Snippet is essentially is the top position in Google. An answer box in a light grey border, consisting of a paragraph, table or list of information that answers the search term, i.e. "What is......?" We've covered this topic on several blogs you can learn more about here:

Featured Snippets. What to know and how to get them

It's not all about ranking No.1 on Google

These Snippets are the voice answer that smart speakers use. Wikipedia do very well from these, as they provide unbiased, informative, concise information to the user's question.

Have a think how can your business can rank for position 0 and get that Featured Snippet.

Our next video and article will be discussing the benefits of Stories for your website in 2020, so do stay tuned!

If you do have any questions about these topics, please get in touch.