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Drive your business forward with professional website development.

Your Vision:

Vision is essential to the success of a website. It carries a company beyond its competitors. You have a vision for your technological entity and we will ensure the world knows it with a custom designed website!

Your primary contact with the world is through your website, it's the 24/7 showroom for your business, available worldwide on many devices. It puts a face to your company name and should elevate you above your competitors.

Unumbox will help you conquer the competition by making your website current and relevant to your audience. We know what your clients expect from your website - which is to provide relevant information quickly.

Using evidence-based practice, we will help you reach new clients and generate leads. Unumbox Ltd is founded on many years of experience in the online community and guarantees your satisfaction.

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Meeting your business needs

Before we start any project, we take our time to discover your company and target audience. What are your short and long term goals for your business?

Once this information has been obtained, our world-class designers and developers from around the world work to design your perfect website targeting your ideal demographic.

The build quality of your website is essential to us. With a code compliant website that loads quickly, you will find it a lot easier to rank higher on search engines and convert visitors. We do not settle for templated solutions and believe in developing unique websites from the code up.

After all, your business was not built on a template so why should your website?

We have the skills in many coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to develop your website on a suitable content management system that is right for your business. It is with all this, that we can confidently say 'we're your partners for positive change'.

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Process Driven Projects

Our agile approach to website design provides a clear process to the development of your website. You're not left in the dark during the design process which we're completely transparent with.

We like doing business face-to-face either in person or via Skype. This structure helps keep your project on track so we can meet your deadlines and budget.

Our process is what we call the 4 D's. Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment which works as follows...


Before starting any project we must first understand your business. We like to kick off with a face-to-face meeting or with a Skype call to discuss what you offer and what makes your business unique.

Research is also a vital part of creating a new website. A new website will require research into keywords and target demographics to understand what the visitor journey should be. Re-designs require a similar process but we also analyse data from the exisiting website to give us a good indication of how to improve results when a new website in launched.


Using the research from the discovery phase of the process, we put together a detailed design of your new website. The design is then fully evaluated before our developers write a single line of code.

Using any content provided we create a detailed, interactive wireframe that is then discussed, amended and agreed. We're able to create wireframe designs without the final content but do suggest using exisitng content where practical. Suggestions for new content are also provided in the design which is shared electronically for feedback and amendments.


Once the design and content is agreed, we can start coding your unique website. Content can either be created for you or provided by you. Other than providing content, this phase is in our hands.

Our expert developers have experience with many languages such as HTML5 and PHP, enabling us to create code compliant, well optimised and interactive websites. Building your website from the code up keeps your website efficient and fast to load. We also develop websites on range of content management systems including MODx, WordPress and OpenCart.


Your website is almost ready! We just need to review the website and make any adjustments ready for the website to go live. We like to be with you when the site is launched to share in your celebration.

A meeting is arranged to discuss the website and make amendments where required. While we're with you, we provide you with training on how to update and manage the website yourself. Support is also provided after the website is live. We enjoy launching websites so much that we like to do it in style, with a special gift to make the experience memorable.