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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites back to your own. They’re sometimes referred to as “trackbacks”. Backlinks have a huge impact on your website’s search rankings. Lots of backlinks from high-ranking websites can greatly improve your search engine results, especially if those links use keywords in their anchor text.

It is important to have backlinks from quality sites, and those backlinks should be relevant. For example, if you have a website featuring dancing penguins, and you are creating links from other niche sites about juggling polar bears, these links will be of no use.

The end goal should be to get links from authoritative and relevant sites.

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- What is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a link back to your website from another website.

Let's go into this in more depth though because there are good backlinks and bad backlinks. This is all about getting good domain authority to rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. So what we want to do is get good backlinks to your website, and these will typically come from websites that have strong domain authority and are related to the subject that you are trying to rank for.

So having a link back from say Wikipedia or a government website or a educational website, a university or a school, for example, they are going to be good quality backlinks because typically, the content will be of strong trust and authority. Compare that to maybe a directory full of hundreds of links going to any old company and any old website, and that's going to be poor quality and one step worse and probably something that could penalise your website is a link back from a website that is full of spam and it may literally be a website that nobody ever visits, but it just has tons of links going to all sorts of different websites, including yours and then you would probably be penalised.

You need to weight it so you have far more good quality link backs than you do poor quality and you can go through and request that some link backs are removed because you may feel that they're going to penalise you in ranking or getting a strong domain authority.

So aim for those good quality backlinks, not the poor quality backlinks but essentially a backlink is a link back from someone else's website to your website.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you've got any others, please contact us and we will create a video just like this.