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What does Dopamine have to do with websites?

by Simon Langham ON Jan 31, 2017

Dopamine is an organic chemical that affects our brain and plays a major role in role-motivated behavior. In other words, our brain gets a dopamine kick when we feel rewarded for something we do or see. Dopamine is highly addictive and is regularly triggered with addictive habits such as smoking, gambling, drinking and sex.

What does Dopamine have to do with websites then?

Most top tech companies know the effects of dopamine and design their websites and applications to give you that ‘feel good’ boost to the brain making us come back for more. It’s not just the normal addictions that cause us to have that highly addictive dopamine kick, it’s also games such as Candy Crush that are designed to give continuous kicks that have us playing for hours. Every time our phone vibrates, our brain tells us we have a new message, we get a dopamine kick. Every notification we receive on Facebook gives us a dopamine kick. Getting quick results, meeting targets, feeling included… These all give us dopamine kicks.

Your website should be a Dopamine factory!

We all know that a good website will be mobile responsive, fast loading, secure and have new and regular engaging content… But does it have people coming back for more, do people get that dopamine kick when they first land on your website?

Look at the top 100 UK websites and they all have one thing in common. They are all functional dopamine factories providing fast relevant content and entertainment to their visitors.

Facebook = Likes, comments and shares

Google = Quick answers to our questions

Amazon = Order at low prices with fast delivery

YouTube = Short informative and entertaining video

Netflix = Binge TV and films on tap

The lad bible = Regular, humorous and informative content

And let’s not forget the many porn sites that provide instant gratification with a few clicks of the mouse.

It’s unrealistic that your website will hit the top 100 list but we can learn something from them. Create regular engaging, fun and informative content and your clients will be given the Dopamine kick that will have them returning for more. Feed their addiction!

We will be exploring the effects of Dopamine over the next year and how you can make changes to your website to grow visitors.

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