What is AMP?
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What is a Plug-In?

It’s a bit of third-party code that extends the capabilities of a website. It extends the functionality without having to redo the core coding of the site. One of the more common plug-ins is Adobe Flash Player. Without Flash Player you won’t, for example, be able to view BBC News bulletins embedded into web pages.

Other plug-ins are available for different things. There are plug-ins for social media networking, foreign language alphabets and many other things.

There are issues with plug-ins, however. The main one is sluggish page speeds. Plug-ins can slow your site down, depending upon how the plug-in was built, because of the additional Javascript orCSS code that your browser must load. All files require HTTP requests – and the more you add, the slower your site is apt to be. Slow load speeds can cause real damage to your sales; customers will move on and shop elsewhere if your page doesn’t load fast enough

What is Bounce Rate?