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What is a User-First Website?

We develop websites that are User-First. This simply means we are focusing on the end user experience.

A website needs to meet it’s businesses needs and work on Google and the other major search engines. It also needs to be fast, and give your user what they are looking for.

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What is user-first or user-first design?

Now you may want to check out another video we created about user experience and how people interact with your website and how design can help improve that experience but user-first takes this one step further and says that your website really should be focused on the user before anybody else, and quite often I see businesses make this mistake.

They typically design a website to please themselves and typically their own egos and how big their company looks and how fancy their logo is with all this fancy animation. They forget the one person that they really need to be on their website and that is the user, the visitor and when you're designing a user-first website, you really need to think about your ideal visitor. Who is your ideal customer? What sort of questions are they asking? Or what concerns do they have that may need addressing and then the design of the website focuses on answering those questions and concerns, not splashing about lots of different animations and graphics and making your company look bigger than it. It's about making sure that you come across as the authority for the information that your ideal visitor is looking for.

It's putting the user before anyone else and when we create a website, the person we're trying to please is your visitor, not you because if you please your visitor, they will stay on your website and convert and then you will be happy. If what we do is try to please you and ignore the visitor, then you won't have any visitors and you won't be very happy. Well you will be initially because you'll think oh, that's nice, it's got a big logo and fancy graphics but in the long run, you won't get the results that you would expect from a user-first website.

So hopefully that's answered your question on what is user-first and I'm sure you have many other questions you want to ask. Please don't be afraid to get in touch with us and we'll create a video just like this.