What is AMP?
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What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google-backed initiative to speed up the mobile web. An open-source, publishing technology project that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimised content once, and have it load instantly everywhere.

You can identify a page using AMP as a little grey circular lightning bolt symbol is displayed next to the link on mobile search results in Google.

Paving the way for the fastest loading and most optimised websites, this is where your business wants to be. We develop AMP pages that are mobile first and fully responsive to work on all display sizes and modern browsers.

The advantages of developing your website with AMP are remarkable. It will provide your website with elevated visitor numbers and conversion rates, particularly with mobile visitors.

To learn more about our AMP development services, visit our dedicated AMP Development page

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What is AMP, or accelerated mobile pages?

AMP is a project initiated really by Google, but others are included as well, such as, Twitter and Pinterest. But it's a framework that super speeds up websites. Mainly in the publishing industry are using this, as an AMP-alternative page to the website, stripped out of all the bloated code, and unnecessary things that websites just seem to add in there. But we at Unumbox create native AMP websites, which means the websites are completely AMP. AMP sits on top of HTML 5. It uses all of the usual tools, such as, CSS, HTML 5, and JavaScript as well, which is a recent addition, which is great. So, AMP websites are typically super fast, almost instantaneous load times. They use best practise. They get the best results. And they can, although the name suggests they are accelerated mobile pages, so they're mainly for mobile devices, pages can also be made to be responsive, and work on desktop as well, and have absolutely superb performance results based on that. You also get some advantages with AMP on Google search results. And you get the little grey lightening symbol on mobile search results. You have a much, much better chance of appearing on news carousels and many other features that Google just keep rolling out, and other platforms as well, that really make AMP a no-brainer for anyone that seriously wants to have a high-performance website. There's so much more we can talk about with AMP. And if you make sure that you subscribe to this channel, and hit the notification bell, you'll be the first to watch videos that just talk about AMP quite a lot, because it really is a superb technology.

So we'll be covering it a lot. So hopefully that's answered your question, what is AMP, or accelerated mobile pages? And if you've got any other questions, just let us know and we will create a video just like this.