What is MODX?

MODX is an open-source content management system (CMS) and website framework that allows business owners and marketing department the ability to add, edit or delete content on their website.

Also referred to as a content management framework, MODX is extremely flexible and enables developers to create efficient, fast loading websites.

You can read more about MODX on the official website here... Modx

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What is MODX, or M-O-D-X?

So MODX is a content management system or content management framework, as they would say. MODX is open source, it's free to use, it's unlicensed, there are extras that you can instal both premium and free but essentially MODX manages the information that is stored on your website from images, text to metadata in lots of different resources and contexts, so it's fantastic for multi-lingual websites, it's great for multi-departmental websites and has very good user preferences so you can have a certain person in a certain department able to access and edit different information to other people.

I've already touched on the language, so you can have multiple languages for the same page, for example, and then you can distribute that information or the resources that you structure in different ways as well. So treating it a bit like a headless CMS, you can store all of that information but you could render it in basic HTML but you can also output Jason or database or CSV style information for APIs.

It's really flexible, it's a really great system and there's a fantastic caching tool within it as well which makes websites super fast and essentially it lets the developer do what they do best and develop. It doesn't come with lots of themes and plug ins like other content management systems, which means it has an exceptional record for security. It's extremely reliable, very easy to work and maintain. The MODX community is global and we all know each other quite well and questions are usually answered very quickly and efficiently, and long may it live. It's certainly our favourite content management system and we would recommend it to pretty much any serious business owner, particularly brochure style websites.

So if you've got questions like this or any others, then please get in touch and we will create a video just like this.

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