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What is Usability?

Usability refers to how easy it is for a visitor to your website to use your site in it’s intended manner.

Great usability means the navigation, content, images, and any interactive elements are easy to use, and functioning in the way they were intended.

Your target visitor will not need any special training in order to use your site.

What is User Experience (UX)?

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What is usability?

And we're talking about this in the context of websites. So usability is as it sounds really, it's how usable a website is to the visitor. And a well designed website will ensure that all of the elements that have been created and all the interactivity is used correctly and can be used by somebody without prior training. It's kind of self-explanatory. They land on the website and they know what to do. They know which buttons to press. They know how to navigate. They know how to search and find things. This all comes down to good user experience or good user experience design and ensuring the right icons are used, the right words are used, the correct layout. And things are put in the right places to help the user navigate and interact with the website and find the information to their questions and concerns easily without having to work it out beforehand.

So basically, yeah, usability. How usable is your website? If you think that this has answered your question correctly and you have other burning questions you want to ask then make sure you contact us and we'll answer them for you in a video just like this. So hopefully that's helpful. Catch ya later.