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What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX) evaluates the website’s usability and accessibility, using statistical information and psychology to create a positive user experience and brand perception.

This process considers the structural, visual and organisational aspects of a website’s design.

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User experience, what is it?

So, user experience design or user experience optimisation focuses on how a user experiences your website. So specifically, how does a user who navigates your website find the information that they're looking for, quickly and efficiently?

So, with the user experience, I always picture a park, and they've paved a nice new path, and it cuts through the centre of the park but it doesn't take you through the winding trees and all the nice bits that the user wants to experience. The architect of that path needs to make sure that the path navigates that park nicely, so that people will see the bits that they came to the park to see. And essentially you've got to do the same with your website. Somebody's coming onto your website, they're looking for a bit of information, you need to design the layout of that website so the user can find the information that they're looking for quickly and efficiently, just like going to the park and expecting to see all of the things that they hoped to see when they got to the park.

So the user experience is how the user experiences the website. It's looking at things like how many times do they have to click to find a bit of information within the website, do they have search boxes for example, how the navigation lays out, where elements sit on a page to stand out, so the answer is quick and easy to find, and it may prompt other questions to help with the navigation, let's keep people on the website, to lower bounce rates and improve conversion rates.

So yeah, that's what user experience is. If you've got any other questions like this, then please ask us and we'll create a video, just like this, for our website.