Why AMP Stories Matter 

What if there was a way to dramatically drive more traffic to your website?

Introducing AMP Stories 

(aka Web Stories)

Web Stories, powered by AMP, are collections of visually led content, in a tappable format

The Success of AMP

Highly appealing visual content which is:

Lightning fast



Over 60% of Google organic search traffic comes from mobile devices

So users are much more likely to get mobile-first results from their search

Web Stories have a prominent place on Google search for mobile

So why not utilise them, and have your brand appear in more search results?

Fun Facts:

74% of smartphone users view social stories at least once a week

84% of users state that tappable stories exceeded expectations for ease of navigation

So how can Web Stories help your business?

In a world where we’re all swimming in content, this level of engagement - particularly on mobile devices - is invaluable.

As part of the open web, Web Stories are easily shared and embedded across your website and apps

In order to promote your content, brand, products and services

Web Stories are a simple way of conveying valuable content and improving SEO rankings

Without having to write lengthy blogs

Implement Web Stories today, and learn how to engage more visitors to convert to customers!

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