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by Stephanie Holmes ON Dec 09, 2020

Are you still pondering over which CMS system to use for your website?

Are you wondering how you can achieve a powerful online presence, whilst using a CMS that boasts great usability and efficiency?

Look no further... MODX is your answer.

What is MODX?

MODX is an open-source, flexible content management system (CMS) and website framework that allows business owners and marketing departments the ability to add, edit or delete content on their website.

Built for professionals, MODX is an enterprise level platform with multilingual, multi context capabilities and powerful user policies for growing teams.

As a system, MODX is really flexible with a lightning fast caching tool within it, which makes websites super fast - allowing developers like us, to do what we do best.

There are not an abundance of themes and plug-ins like other content management systems, which means it has an exceptional record for security.

MODX is extremely reliable, very easy to work and maintain. But don't just take our word for it, let's hear from our clients...

What do our clients think to MODX?

"I have used multiple CMS systems over my career and MODX is one of the easiest I have used. MODX is easy to navigate and update our website. I also like how flexible it is to be adapted to any additional needs, with Unumbox’s help, of course. More so than the standard CMS platforms like Wordpress."

Heather Selbie, BTT Comms, UK

"I chose to go with MODX because I find it much easier to navigate, keep updated, enter content, and embed video."

Robin Kirkley, Vizeo Media, UK

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Want to know more? Check out some of our useful resources for more information about MODX.

Need a new website?

As experienced web developers, our strengths are in designing dynamic, content-rich websites using MODX CMS, that are modern, responsive and unique to give businesses the extra edge in the online marketplace.

Reach out to our geek team and we can help make all of your dreams come true with the help of MODX.