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Why you should talk about pricing on your website?

by Stephanie Holmes ON Apr 19, 2021

It's a controversial topic that many companies find themselves on at some point in their website planning or optimisation: Why should I talk about pricing on my website?

This uncertainty can lead to competitive advantages for a business since the prices of your products and services are probably the most critical piece of information in the purchasing process; in other words, it's the data that will matter most to your potential clients.

Here's 7 reasons why you should talk about pricing on your website.


Many customers do not do business with a company that does not expose prices and fees at the outset. They will not waste their time talking to a sales representative only to find that the price is too high.

Price Range

Some customers believe, perhaps incorrectly, that if the price is not shown, it must be very high. They think the reason that prices are not shown is that they probably can't afford it.


People who cannot afford your services or products will not request a sales prospecting phone call. Advice: Do you want to spend time convincing people on the phone that they can afford it when they think they don't or don't see the value you're offering? It is challenging to have conversations with people who have unrealistic expectations because they do not know the prices.


Pricing is a strategic marketing decision and helps to set your brand apart from others. Is your business the low-cost leader? Is your business an expert in which people pay more because you are worth it? Your rates tell your potential customer where your company is positioned among the others in the target market you want to serve. There is no right or wrong pricing strategy. The secret is what you developed through your marketing plan.


You can create a separate page with special prices for customers or special groups or offer coupons that give discounts if you want a layered pricing approach. You can also indicate that you have payment plans if that helps your customer with a purchase decision. If your business offers special prices for non-profit organisations, post your regular rates on your website and add a sentence about how non-profit prices are available.

Lack of time

Your customers are busy and have limited time. They need information the moment they have time to do their research, so provide them with all the information they need, not only on the price but also on everything you offer.

Obtaining information

One of the crucial processes in your customers' sales schedule is the Information Gathering phase when researching possible solutions. Know the potential customer's process for making purchasing decisions and planning your marketing accordingly.