Merry Christmas

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How to create the cheesiest Christmas photo you ever did see:

Step One:

Prepare your Tree

Step Two: 

Spread the branches

Step Three:

Your colleague steps in and pretends she's helped

Brief interlude to chat about charity

We pledge our corporate social responsibility this year and 2020 by planting trees. 

We have also donated £100 (the money we would have spent on Christmas cards and postage) to local charity.

Twinkling Stars Appeal

Back to prepping for the cheesiest photo ever....

Step Four:

Decorating commences (Becky was allowed to place one bauble)


Step Five:

Taking a break because being festive is thirsty work


Step Six:

The dramatic entrance of THE STAR

Step Seven:

Take a satisfied photo & pretend we haven't been arguing for the the last 30 mins over the placement of baubles

Another brief interlude

We want everyone to be able to create AMP-stories like this one with ease!

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Counting down to the cheesiest Xmas photo EVER

Are you ready?

Stand by. Brace yourself

Merry Christmas &

A Happy New Year

from us at Unumbox