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With Unumbox, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical terms, just sit back and relax while we take care of things for you. We start with designing your website to offer a good User Experience (UX) and take your visitors on journey that ends at your call-to-action. We also specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). You may be thinking “oh great, what’s that?” But all it means is we work hard to make sure that the percentage of quality visitors to your website is increasing day by day.

We take time to understand your business and create websites and an online presence that reflects your brand with a positive light. Your journey with us is not just about creating you more leads, but also adding value to your service.

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Website Design

For the design stage of your website, we look at different unique ways of creating a website for your business, as templated systems are just not good enough for you. So for us to create the best website for you, we take every detail into consideration and how they would fit.

We do this by creating flow charts. So the visitors journey ends at call-to-action. We use wireframe to draw the initial layout of the design to help create the best user experience and for you to have an understanding of what would go where.

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Web Development

Now it’s time to get technical. With Unumbox, we are recognised MODX professional. MODx is an awesome content management system enabling you to manage your website, or we can take care of it for you. In order to do this, we code in several languages such as; HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

Unumbox Ltd are LAMP stack developers, which despite how it sounds doesn’t mean that we stack lighting in a warehouse. LAMP is an acronym for; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which is the system most websites are built on. This is where the magic happens, giving us greater control to build fast, efficient and modern websites.

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Digital Marketing

Not tech savvy or don’t have the time? Well, fear not, at Unumbox, we’ll take care of your digital marketing for you over multiple platforms from Social Media to Digital Signage including your website. We provide regular monthly reports that enable us to create strategic content for SEO, SMM and Digital Signage.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation is about getting your brand out to potential clients and industry experts. You brand does not just stop with your logo and colour scheme, it’s also important to get your message out clearly and consistently to add value to your business.

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