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As experienced web developers, our strengths are in designing dynamic, content-rich websites using SQL databases to manage the content. We use server-side script such as PHP with MySQL to process data, and using JavaScript and HTML5 we enhance interactivity and UX design (User eXperience). All of these skills combine to create modern, responsive and unique websites that give businesses the extra edge in the online marketplace.

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Website Design

Unumbox offers a complete web design service which includes design, copy, photography, video and hosting. Everything you will need to get a professional website online and attracting new customers. Unumbox specialise in creating responsive mobile friendly websites with good SEO (search engine optimisation). As most Google and Bing searches are made on smartphones, it is essential to have a website that is mobile friendly.

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Web Development

For the ultimate online presence which is essential for online businesses we also offer web development services to get the most form your website. If your business needs to build a bespoke customer access portal with rich data driven content, Unumbox can develop that for you. We can also take care of content management and SEO, services that are vital to keep your website performing at its best and reaching the right audience in the long term.

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Digital Marketing

Unumbox also consult on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its huge variety of applications, the possibilities of which are only limited by your imagination. Whether you’re looking to monitor utility meters, analyse the footfall in your retail premises or want to control appliances via a smartphone, talk to us today about how IoT can be used in your business.

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