What Makes Us Unique

Very quickly after the inception of Unumbox we found what it is that makes us unique. Our ability to write clean and efficient code has put us ahead of our competitors who typically used templated systems.

Our choice to use a content management system that enables us to code mobile responsive and efficient websites has instantly set us apart. By using MODx we are in full control of building websites that are flexible for all businesses. No matter what size you company, MODx is able to grow and adapt with business.

Understanding the code behind websites also enables us to make changes to websites in a way that many designers would struggle with. The websites that we develop are only limited by your imagination.

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The Unumbox Development Team
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The Future Of Unumbox

The future of Unumbox depends on the talent and passions of young developers, which is why we are committed to inspiring and training people with a keen interest in our profession.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme takes the most committed and aspiring people and provides them with a future career in website development.

Work Experience Program

Our work experience program has been set-up to provide budding developers with an insight into skills required to enter the profession.

For details about our apprenticeship or work experience schemes, please contact the team at theteam@unumbox.com

It's In Our DNA

The Unumbox team has a passion that rivals many other website design and development agencies. Our dedication and commitment to our clients is what drives our knowledge and expertise.

Unumbox Ltd was founded by Simon Langham in 2015 to provide an honest and reliable website development service that focuses on building websites that convert clients rather than simply looking great. It is our philosophy that websites should be developed to grab attention and convert visitors into good leads. We do this by using the latest techniques in user experience (UX) design.

Our passion and commitment make us the ideal team for your project. Our team are friendly, honest and approachable, so there is no reason why you should not want to get in touch with us today.

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