About Unumbox Ltd.

Why we're your partners of choice.

Businesses like yours have the ability to make a real difference to the world we live in, not only by bringing us the latest products and services that improve our lives, but by championing change through social and environmental practices.

We believe in the positive effects of industry and entrepreneurship, which is why our business exists to support yours. Our expertise in Agile Website Engineering and Voice App Development helps innovative organisations harness the limitless opportunities of the online world.

We are your partner for positive change.

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How we develop great websites and voice apps.

When looking for a company to develop your online presence, it's important that there is a clear and manageable process. We have adopted the agile approach to website and voice app development which is a process of discovery, design, development and deployment.

We develop all our websites from the code up so we have full control and understanding of your website's structure. Rather than using templated systems, we build websites to be efficient, reducing load times and making your website simple to manage professionally.

Our developers are experienced in languages such as HTML5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript which are the foundations of many systems such as MODx, WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

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What we offer your business.

It is important for your business that your website is accessible and technically qualified to rank highly on search engines and voice apps, along with working well on mobile and desktop devices. What we provide with our experience of development are fast loading code compliant websites that work well with voice technology.

We ensure that you understand how your website is developed so you have the confidence that your website is working at it's best for your business.

Our website development services include...

Everything you need to get your website built and converting clients is covered. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your project.

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