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Personality & Processes 

When looking for a company to develop your online presence, it's important that there is a clear and manageable process.

The success of your digital marketing depends on the quality of our team, so let's tell you a bit about who heads up the departments at Unumbox!


Managing Director

Simon project manages all aspects of website development for Unumbox and works closely with customers to produce high performance website.
His knowledge started with LAMP stack development, predominantly as back-end PHP developer. Since, he has become a master at CSS and HTML, with a heavy focus on the development of high performance, brochure website and web applications.

Simon's values stem back to his roots, which are lead strongly by the motivation of how generations in his family ran businesses. His main priority since, is to ensure the smooth running of a business that provokes stability and growth.

In his spare time, you'll find Simon exploring on long, country walks or camping in the depths of England. Though a lover of nature, he's also partial to a late night coding session with a glass of red wine, whilst listening to Beethoven - Ninth Symphony.

In the words of Simon, if Beethoven can compose a masterpiece whilst deaf, then anything is achievable.


Content Creator

We can count on Becky to co-ordinate all projects with ease. She's constantly busy communicating closely with all our clients, forming and maintaining great working relationships, whilst simultaneously multi-tasking with creating content for all clients websites.

Becky integrates her skill set into all work that she produces, from top-notch copy writing to optimising content for SEO purposes.

In everything that she does, Becky values most the clear communication between us and our clients, to ensure clear transparency always.

When the cogs aren't turning with content ideas, you'll find our active girl Becky either walking, striking a yoga pose or sweating away in Cross-fit. But of course, you could also find her with a gin in hand and her head in a book.


Content Creator

Steph manages marketing and operational strategies for the business through; campaign creation, social media scheduling and networking.
In everything she does, she ensures that Unumbox's company voice, brand and values are at the core of all content created.

With an ability to build rapport quickly, along with her skills in creative writing, content management and an eye for design, she see's success in all aspects of her work.

When not busy talking all things Unumbox, you'll most likely find Steph with her hiking boots on, at the top of a mountain. If she's not there, she'll either be running, laughing lots, or SUP boarding in a lake somewhere.


Web Developer

With six years of academic programming experience behind him, Gustavo is our guy for all LAMP Stack Development projects. His skills cover all basis in the website journey, with a great knowledge in operating and data systems, as well as content management systems like WordPress and MODX. He's a whiz when it comes to PHP scripting, HTML and CSS.

In everything he does, Gustavo values most the honesty and loyalty of his next move and despite his in dependability, you'll be sure to feel his passion for programming within all work that he produces.

When prised away from the keys, you'll either find Gustavo singing his heart out, doing karaoke or putting his mind to the test during the latest hackathon. He also loves heading back to his roots and travelling around Portugal, catching up with friends and family.


Web Developer

With a vast skillset in the Web Development world, Adrian is certainly a dark horse in the Unumbox family. His skills range from, back-end to front-end Javascript, HTML, CSS, LAMP Stack, PHP and MERN Stack Development – a definite favorite for him.

Adrian’s hard-working and speedy nature will always drive him efficiently towards the best result, whilst always keeping user experience at the forefront of his mind. Whether in or out of the workplace, Adrian biggest value is honesty. He follows the philosophy that it’s refreshing and great for our society, to always share your thoughts.

It’s hard to peel Adrian away from the coding life, but when you do, you’ll either find him gaming or working hard at University. Though a student, Adrian takes the lead in learning what he feels is best for him.


Project Manager 

Vay is a whiz when it comes to covering all things reporting & sales. As a hardware hobbyist, her knowledge extends from software to motherboards, and everything in between. Vay will always strive to understand all aspects of what she does, particularly when it comes to information systems and hardware in general. It doesn't stop here either! With a fierce attention to detail, Vay enjoys cutting down raw data and turning unfocused writing into a beautiful format. This follows suit in her values of being thorough and well-understood by all.

Life isn't all about the screens for Vay! She also hold great passion for mountain hikes, exploring new home cooking recipes and reading - astromony and philosophy in particular!


IT Support

In the word's of Isaac, "fixing stuff" is what he does best! Isaac put a start to his career when he became a Network Infrastructure Engineer, where he learned a lot about the world of networking. Not wanting to be limited to a certain skillset however, Isaac continued to further his understanding of software. He now has a thorough understanding of all things Microsoft and (although we try to avoid them), he is out go-to geek for all technical issues.

With a learning-focused attitude, Isaac strives to impart his knowledge and wisdom wherever possible. He'll not only help those with tech issues, but will do anything he can to help them avoid these in future too.

Isaac's love for the screens stretches into his spare too, where you'll find him playing Dungeons and Dragons, or furthering his knowledge yet again with a dedication to learning code. When an escape is needed, he will no doubt have his head stuck into a book!


HR & Admin

Laura juggles both HR and admin on a daily basis, ensuring that all staff processes are in an orderly manner so that every geek, is a content geek. She administers important company processes, including regularly updating the company handbook and making document templates.

Professionally, Laura's skills predominately lay within administrative roles such an organising, planning, scheduling and communication. But it's no secret that Laura doesn't just put her skills to the test in the English language... after living in France for years, she is also a fluent French speaker and is now even challenging herself to learn Japanese.

In everything Laura does, she values most equality, respect and honesty. With a strong interest in culture and travelling, she will immerse herself into Japanese culture, exploring Manga (Japanese comics), anime (Japanese cartoons), and kpop (Korean pop music. Certainly an interesting one to sit down and have a chat with...

Aidan Byrne

Web Developer

Aidan supports the front-end and back-end of client and company projects, putting his expertise in code to the test daily. Since python club in school to now, his dedication to learning code in the past two years, now see's Aidan a whiz when it comes to HTML, SCSS, VUE, React, Node and sql.

With an iterative approach engrained into him, Aidan is a huge believer of "there's no such thing as good enough, it's either right or not finished". He takes this approach both professionally and personally and has an admirable mindset to never stop learning.

Coming away from the screens, Aidan is a huge lover of cycling, playing the violin and baking. We're assured that the cycling makes up for the cakes! He has also shown personal growth within his commitment to the Scouts, and now holds the title of Mental Health Advisor for the the Northumberland Scouts. A man of great strength and diversity!

Johnathan Wilson

Web Developer

With over 10 years experience in website development, we can rely on Johnathan to navigate around both the front and back-end of websites with ease. He is quite the maestro with all things Javascript, HTML, CSS, React and Node.js, all whilst incorporating tools such as express and MongoDB.

Besides a dedication to coding, Johnathan is extremely passionate about social change and making a difference to the world. He puts this into action regularly by contributing to charity events where he can. Along with his fierce entrepreneurial attitude, we know there is no stopping Johnathan for what he believes in.

And if that isn't enough, we'll also mention that he's a qualified sports diver, who loves to roam in the deep depths of Egyptian waters. He is also an avid skier, hiker and cyclist and is also partial to a bit of Disney+. Diversity is an understatement for our Johnathan.

Sabine Linde

IT and Marketing Assistant

We can count on Sabine’s solution-focused attitude to take the reins on any task given, and complete it with ease. Her skills fall predominantly in the IT department, where she focuses on logistics and administrative tasks.

But it doesn’t stop there… Sabine stands out for her ability to simplify the complexities of any task through her seamless communication. This, along with her top-notch organisation, go together with her innate ability to look at the bigger picture in any situation. This is a true skill that every team needs.

Sabine is constantly looking for ways to grow and develop her skills further, to gear up for long-term, successful career. A career where she can sustain a healthy work-life balance to spend time with her family, but more importantly, one where she will never feel the need to clock-watch again! (Unumbox are doing a good job of this so far!)

When not working, the focus for Sabine is ‘old stuff’. Allow us to elaborate… we’re talking retro film cameras, watches, radios and basically anything that can be tweaked, repaired, and revived, she will take on! She also loves playing guitar, and is partial to a day out either fishing or cycling.

Choose to Work with a
Reliable, Local Business

The longevity of Unumbox (over 6 years now), means we understand how important reliability is when working with a team.

Rooted in Kettering, servicing Northamptonshire businesses from Corby to Wellingborough, and Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer, Rushden, Raunds, Thrapston along the way.

Our Values

"Focus on the user and all else will follow." Google

As our business grows, our core values become more relevant over time. This is what matters to us.

Website Services

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers' lives. We are customer-focused; and our organisational structures match and exceed our customers' expectations.


Proud to be selective of who we work with, we cultivate amazing working partnerships with people who are on the same wavelength as us. Choosing partnerships that we know will be the best fit comes from experience.


Putting procedures in place to allow for transparency between us and our clients at all times. We love lean, iterative improvements. The success of these processes is measured by value we create for our customers.


We don't follow the sheep mentality. We question old solutions and, if we have a better idea, we are willing to change. We don't develop websites that purely look pretty, but work to improve customer conversions. Which, let's face it, is what business is all about.


We are an incredibly friendly team, best placed to deliver content in your chosen method. We're down to earth and approachable and always treat each other with respect. We act with integrity, backing our own judgement and providing pragmatic solutions rather than sitting on the fence. Trust is vital to everything we do.

Bespoke Digital Marketing Solutions

Catering for each individual business, depending on your time and budget, explore the best fit for your business.

Our tailored Packages are managed by our experts so you can focus on your business.

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