Anders Electronics - Case Study

A website for a display, touch and industrial embedded IoT solutions company

Anders on mobile.

Unumbox created a comprehensive website for Anders Electronics, providing them with an indispensable online presence that bolsters credibility. This website acts as an information hub, offering detailed product descriptions, specifications, and user manuals, while also functioning as a customer support resource through FAQs and troubleshooting guides. Additionally, the site serves as a powerful marketing tool, enabling the showcasing of product demonstrations, success stories, and company updates. With its global reach, data analytics capabilities, and competitive advantage, the website solidifies the company's position in the market, emphasising its specialisation in Industrial Embedded IoT Solutions with use cases, whitepapers, and technical documentation.

Services we provide to Anders Electronics

  • Web Development
  • Website SEO optimisation
  • Monthy/quarterly/yearly analytics reports
Anders on desktop.