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A Case Study with I.S.E. Fire

An Introduction to our partnership with I.S.E. Fire

Working with I.S.E. Fire since 2016, we have established a great working relationship with them and the team.

Going from an initial Yell.com website template with sufficient content, but a framework which was not relevant to their local area, they weren't displaying as a local company.

To ensure the website had the best opportunity at ranking highly, we created a plan to re-develop it using the AMP structure, which is an open source framework built on HTML5 - providing some of the fastest loading websites on the net.

You can visit their website at https://isefireproducts.co.uk/

Services We Provide to I.S.E. Fire



Conversion Rate


The Project Brief.

Owner of I.S.E. Fire, Nigel, wanted his business to be more visible on the internet.

Key areas to improve included promoting the business more effectively, and become present in more local searches to the area.

All of this would be done with a view to improving conversion rates.

This project was a re-develop, not a redesign. All the content was in the same design and style as the current website, as there was nothing wrong with the design, just the function of the website.

At Unumbox, we provide this service as part of our overall optimisation services which meet the following objectives...

  • Increase search visibility for relevant search queries
  • Ensure a much faster loading time and better visitor experience
  • Increase website traffic
  • Target Featured Snippets to drive more quality traffic
  • Position I.S.E. Fire as a reputable market leader
  • Get the AMP lightning symbol on Google Mobile search results

Testimonial From Nigel - Owner at I.S.E. Fire

"Having worked with Simon at Unumbox for a few years, they were the ideal candidate to upgrade our website, to bring it up to speed! And they certainly have done that.We have worked with Becky to create articles for our website in key areas to increase our traffic, and to rank highly on Google. We very much enjoy our working relationship with the Unumbox team, and the ongoing training they provided once the website re-development was complete."

The Solution.

Promote the Business

To achieve the desired Featured Snippets, we knew we needed additional, high-quality, and relevant content to the fire safety industry.

We therefore created ongoing, trending blog articles to achieve this goal.

And can happily say, we achieved it!

Improved Conversion Rates

By using popular search terms within the fire safety industry to target Featured Snippets (Position #0 of Google SERPS), I.S.E. Fire are now enjoying several Featured Snippets, highlighting the website dramatically and appearing in more search results.

Fully Optimised Website

We made sure the website was as fast as possible, as accessible as possible by using clear content, and by removing all unnecessary elements, amongst other tasks.

Thinking it's about time you updated your website content?

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